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Total beginner just finished my first run, my ankles where aching really badly half way through especially on the walking parts, not sure if it's cos I'm too tense/too heavy or what it is! I've been told by health professionals in the past I have over flexible joints so maybe it's that plus running on sloped paths? Anyone else have this problem/a solution?! Also when do you start enjoying it?! That was not fun at all but I REALLY want to like this!


...a very red sweaty bemsy

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I started C25K as I felt I needed to do something. I got started and hoped I would get addicted or at leat quite like it. I am on W9R1 and I am loving the feelings of achievement and so proud of myself, if I can do it anyone can. The only other thing to add is I am not a slim or graceful runner nor is it a pretty sight to see but I am out there and loving it.

Enjoy, it’s your life x

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I'm definitely with you with the non slim non graceful, I was wearing a bum bag that was rattling and my leggings kept falling down, my top riding up and full belly on show.... 🙈 Not ideal! Apologies to anyone who saw me but if I keep this up it will be a case of 'what belly?!'

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I started my first week in Monday! Day 2 today and my legs are killing me! I’m not going to let it stop me though! I need to lose weight so I’m hoping this combined with dieting will get me there! 2 stone to lose! Lost 4 stone last year, but put on 2 of what I lost so I’m determined to shift that and get fit! Good luck, we can do this :)

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Yeah I too want to lose weight and get fitter and healthier. I decided to kick it all off today logging what I eat in myfitnesspal app, Fitbit synced, and I did the run today and did a boxercise class tonight. It's as much to help my mental health as well for me, as I have anxiety so calling today the first day of the rest of my life and getting organised, making changes in my life to things like my health that I can control are the first steps!

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I’m currently doing slimming world, it works for me! Feeling focused again! I too suffer with anxiety and doing all this helps massively, good luck with your journey !

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Welcome and please read the linked post for Newbies.


So much great advice here... many folk struggled with the first few weeks, and the advice in the linked post explains why :)

Warm up reallly well before the runs and stretch after each and every run too.

Mainly take it slow and steady..it is the only way :)

Well done you for starting this and keep posting your runs:)

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Bemsy in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you!

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Welcome to changing your life......oh, and the forum.

Please read the guide that Oldfloss has linked to above as it may make all the difference to you.

Enjoy your journey.

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Haha thanks!

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I would say you’re glowing rather than sweating 😀. Well done on your first run; I’m only on week 4 and I didn’t run before but I love it now! I just wish I was better at it.

Keep at it, Bemsy!

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Well Done! Xxx

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Hi and welcome! Sloped paths won't help. Could also be you just started a bit fast and furious...

The first thing you'll start to enjoy is the post run feeling of achieving more than you thought you could👍

Do you really need the bum bag? Annoying distractions can suck some of the fun out. Maybe look for a runners belt... they don't flop about as much.

Enjoy your journey! 👍😁

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Hi Bemsy, I've just started and today will be W1R2 and I am not enjoying it but im hoping over the next few weeks Ill get the bug. At the moment im just determined to keep going. Let me know when you get to the point that you are loving it xx

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Make sure you have some decent running shoes if the ankles continue to be a problem for you. Welcome!

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