I'm back! W1R1

As you may already know if you have read my earlier blogs on here, I am a large lady who enthusiastically embarked upon C25K to prepare for a Race for Life and hopefully get a bit less large. Anyway at the end of Week 2 I pulled the same ligament in both my knees and was on docs orders to take a break from running while my ligaments healed and I worked on strengthening my quads with some low impact exercises.

Well, I have been swimming once and done lots of leg extensions and felt ready to have another try at running today. I dropped back to the beginning as I didn't want to put too much strain on my knees and felt quite unfit after my break.

Today I went slowly and steadily and had a lovely run. It's funny that I was finding C25K quite tough before I injured myself, but I really missed it when I couldn't run. I have to say that I actually enjoyed today. Maybe it was because I was going so slowly, but I was also pleased that I didn't feel ill this time (unlike my first W1R1)! Good luck to everyone else who did W1R1 today!


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12 Replies

  • Hi to my personal inspirational lady! So glad you are back, I was wondering how to contact you to see how things are going! Slow and steady is the mantra! and hopefully you will very soon be up to speed again.

    Do take care of yourself though, don't overdo it! I'm so pleased you've come back! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! Linda

  • Thank you very much! So pleased to see that you are still running! I need to catch up on the blogs, but where are you up to now? Thanks again! :)

  • Did W4R1 last Saturday and found it very hard and my calf muscles suffered - worst ever! I'm like a real old crone getting up and down the stairs now, ache all over! I helped a friend to dismantle a greenhouse and moved a lot of glass a couple of weeks ago and had backache across my shoulders ever since which feels jarred with every step.

    I'm doing Strength and Flexibility in parallel with the running and did week 2/2 this morning. I can't do W4R2 running tomorrow (I am allergic to the bees and have to go to the desensitizing clinic first thing, that means no strenuous exercise afterwards)

    I must admit I am beginning to struggle at the moment. I can feel that it is doing me some good because I can pop up and down to town so comfortably, but I can't truthfully say I am enjoying it as much as some people seem to. Been a couch potato too long I guess! But I will not give up yet, it's still early days.

    How are you planning to move forward?

  • Week 4 that's great! Wish that I had done S&F as well as C25K! I wonder if I might not have pulled my ligaments if I had done.

    Maybe after having to miss a run because of your desensitizing clinic you will enjoy your next one more Good to hear that you are still resolute and seeing your fitness improving too!

    I am planning to do W1R2 on Wed and just progress naturally from there if my knees hold out (with strengthening stretches on my non-running days) . If they don't, then I will have to keep having breaks and strengthening then coming back! If I keep on giving myself injuries then I might have to switch to another exercise, but I don't feel as though I have got running out of my system just yet!

  • Personally I feel the S&F does me a lot of good. It is much less exhausting than the running but I do feel it is beneficial. I do sleep well now though - a great plus! I will persevere and try to achieve the 'highs' people talk about. Did it take you long to become hooked and needing to go out, rather than forcing yourself to get up and out?

  • Sleep is a definite plus! Today was the first time that I enjoyed it - probably because I had had the break and dropped back 2 weeks! I imagine that I will like it less as I progress in the programme and it becomes more physically demanding again, but I intend to keep on reminding myself of frustrated I felt not being able to go out and run! When I did week 1 and 2 before, I had to keep on bribing myself to go out and run with little treats. For example, I am not going to let myself download a running app to track how far I run until I get to week 5, even though I am desperate to know! Hope that you get your running highs soon. Getting to week 4 is a big achievement in itself I reckon!

  • Good to see you back again. :) And enjoying it - what a bonus! :) Hope it carries on well for you.

  • Thank you very much! I remembered your slow and steady advice! :)

  • Hi there glad you are back, take it really slow and enjoy . Pat :-)

  • Thank you! Great to see everyone again on here! :)

  • Welcome back! So glad you came back. Many people would have been defeated by a break and not come back but you did!!!! Take it easy. You will get there!

  • A break made me realise what I was missing! Thanks very much! I like your avatar a lot by the way!

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