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W5 R1

Completed W5 R2 the other day and still keep getting stitch. The last 4 runs that I have done I have had the stitch. Luckily the stitch is manageable with putting pressure on the area and breathing out fast and deep, but as soon as I stop this it immediately comes back. I am making sure that I’m well hydrated and do not eat for a while before but it still happens. I have slowed down a lot but this doesn’t help either.

I’m going to attempt W5 R3 tonight and I’m worried about getting stitch again.

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Please find the replies to paravani ‘s Post yesterday. You seem to have mentioned everything , hydration, breath in deeply , exhale CO2, etc, . Please let us know that you find it and if there is anything else you can try. Remember to relax your shoulders down, head up, look 30-40 yds a head, head still, face muscles relaxed , do not clench your hands, keep lose and tension free.🤔.

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Try not worry and stress this will introduce tension and will affect your breathing and may put tension in your neck and blood flow through it.

Go through your routine and release any tension during your warm- up walk🤔start your run positive and stay positive , if a stitch does occur , you know what to do to fix it at least.That is a positive. Just let that happen if it is going to happen.

Just focus on no tension, slow and steady, kissing the ground, and enjoy it . Believe it.Believe in you.


Week 5 Run 2 in the bag and without stitch. Did nothing different from the previous runs. Thanks for your messages. I will definitely try this next time. Thanks


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