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Like many others, a bit of a gap had appeared in my running schedule thanks to the weather. I’ve also been on a yoga retreat since Friday so hadn’t run for at least 5 days. Despite the niggling gremlins suggesting I would struggle to do the 28 mins required in W8, in fact this run proved really enjoyable and I was surprised when Michael told me to stop. I’m posting this to encourage anyone else who has an enforced pause in the programme not to worry too much. I’m pretty ancient but by keeping it slow as I always do, it was not a problem. In fact I didn’t even have the usual toxic 10. A mystery, but hey ho, I’ll take it as it comes!

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That's great! Interesting, no?


Yes and I do wonder how much is down to the yoga. My teacher bases her classes on the work of Vanda Scaravelli and it’s a very gentle, slow, kind to the body approach. Very different from hot yoga. Although I’ve done yoga all my adult life with a range of different teachers, this method has to my surprise made me stronger and more supple. For me, slow yoga and slow running have a lot in common.

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Ooh, thank you for this extra information. I saw Scaravelli yoga on the Ekhart website but had kind of ignored it. Sounds like it is my sort of thing. (I came very late to yoga, don't know why)


Sounds like the added rest and the yoga was a perfect break for you to get ready for w8.

Good for you. Well done 👍😁


A rest is often very good for us and the yoga undoubtedly helps too.

No toxic tens either - now if only we could find the definitive solution, we could make a fortune...

Well done


A positively encouraging post! Just what I needed! Looking forward to W5R2 this eve before Pilates later. Hopefully lots of stretching!


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