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W8 over


I ran the last run of week 8 yesterday morning. It was a mixture of the two previous runs - which was what I wanted. Five minutes slow followed by five minutes faster etc. I found it very difficult to slow down after going fast. It was a good run, was able to speed up right at the end, but it wasn't as special as the two runs before!

Only one week left - gulp! I don't know if I want to go out into the big wide running world on my own without Laura! I'm not ready for this - I'm not really a runner, it's all a sham.🤔

In fact I really am thinking of dragging it out a bit. Last week was tiring, not only because of the running. I ended up doing over 15 kms of walking or running every day and didn't really get a proper rest day, so I'm feeling it a bit at the moment. I cut back on the usual walking today and won't run tomorrow, but will save my first W9 run for the weekend (it's like saving up a special treat - who would have thought running could be considered a treat!). Then some time next week I'll get the other 2 in and then....... graduation beckons! It would be nice and symbolic if I did the last run on Thursday, because that's my older boy's birthday. On that day all those years ago I started on the slippery slope to being overweight, unfit and having no time for myself. Of course I can't blame the kids - it was all my own fault and bad organization/decisions, but it would be very symbolic if I got my running graduation on that day as well! But we shall see!

Looking forward to all the posts from those just behind me. There's going to be lots of whooping for joy next week😎

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Unbelievable? No...no..Go You!

Very, very well done.. you will Graduate.. celebrate your boys's birthday and be out there with the rest of us..


Enjoy your first run of Week 9.. I will be watching with bated breath :)

You are a strong, confident runner now. You will sail through Week 9 on a high knowing that you can do it and feeling proud and amazing. :)

Love that you are saving it up for a treat i know exactly what you mean. xx

Can you remember how scary that first 5 min run was.

Good luck with Week 9.

Brilliant JaySee! Take it easy now, week 9 will be a breeze for you but enjoy a nice rest first, you've been flat out going for it over the past few weeks. :) I really hope the graduation run works out for that special day, fingers crossed. I'm not long home from work, wiped out and am too woosy to run in the dark so run2 will be tomorrow for me as planned. Know what you mean about a 'treat', I've been grumpy these last 2 days chained to a desk without any runs, have missed them. That's really, really peculiar, what's happening to us?!

You're going to be fine without Laura, you've got this now, you'll just set the next running challenge and smash that one, and keep on doing that! Will be fab ;)

Well done for completing week 8, ooh er, only 3 more runs to go for you! X

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Running-scared

It is funny how we get grumpy when we can't run, isn't it! It's like a bug, or a fever.

And you've only got 5 more to go - that's nothing. You've been breezing it as well. Look forward to reading your update tomorrow. Maybe PumpKim will also get out, assuming her back is better.

Remember how we all smashed week 5 at about the same time! A few weeks later we're close to graduation and running 28 minutes regularly - and enjoying it😂 Life is very strange!


Fantastic Jaysee !

It would be great if you graduate on your boys birthday - A double Whammy !

Well done on your journey so far, I have enjoyed following you on here :-)

All the very best of luck for Graduation week , Yeeeee-arrr ! :-) xxx

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to poppypug

Thanks - I'll be around for a while yet. It's a good feeling when you know mentors are looking out for you!

And this place is great for getting advice, and I'll be needing quite a bit in the near future.


Aaargghh I'm trailing way behind now. Don't leave me 😱😂😂

I should be out for W8R1 tomorrow after work and run 2 on Sunday. Feeling a bit nervous about the time since my last run and whether it's a set back? My back is much better now though thank goodness.

I know what you mean about going solo. I like the security of Laura. Maybe have a look at the podcasts for beyond C25K?

Enjoy your rest and I'll check in after tomorrow's run x

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to PumpKim

Aw, PumpKim 😰 You're not that far behind and you'll be stronger for your break. By W8 I think you're either a runner or you're not. And you definitely are😎 You've put in all that hard work - it's not going to disappear in a few days. You'll love the next runs because they're precious!

And I certainly won't be going anywhere - I love this forum. All that encouragement and advice. All those running stories, success and the occasional failure.

We're rooting for you big time!

Onwards and upwards👍

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