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Week 7

Hi everyone

I completed w7r2 tonight and it went well starting to get used to the longer runs now and also pushing myself to go all out for the final minute in every run. The pace that i run Is inbetween just above walking speed and below an average jogger but i would like to increase my speed. Do i just need to concentrate on finishing the runs for now or can i try to increase my speed in a particular way?


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Finish the runs.. finish the programme and then think about speed.. you are doing just fine :)

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Wise words from Oldfloss and she knows what she's talking about. There's plenty of time after you've graduated to think about speed, for now your goal is to complete the programme and be able to run for 30 minutes 3 times a week. If you try to increase your speed as well as the amount of time you're running you will probably overload your legs and/or lungs and come a cropper. Just stick with the pace you're at, you are doing fine.


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