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W4 - finished (sort of!)

Yes, I’m back in the groove! In from Brownies, change, and straight out for my run without giving myself a chance to think better of it! I laughed to myself as I left the house and found myself saying ‘right then, Oldfloss, off we go...’

And off we went. It’s a lovely mild, half/clear evening here. Lots of puddles to dodge - my shoes aren’t puddle-proof enough for me to want to run through them, and are still horribly muddy from my meeting with the Deep Puddle Of Doom a few weeks ago, so I don’t want them to get worse!

When Laura was getting me to gear up for the last run, I automatically thought ‘oh cr*p!’ (sorry!), then got a grip and told myself sternly I’ve done this whole run twice already, and was going to finish it again tonight. So there. And I did. 😊

However, DD2 has asked if I’ll stay on week 4 and do a couple of runs with her as she’s not been out with me in 10 days - and I’m happy to move through the plan slowly and give my various sore joints a chance to realise that we really are doing this again! ;) So another few seasons to go before I brave week 5...!

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Go you... that was a great run...! Puddles and muddy shoes... perfect...

I am heading out on Week 3 Run 2 tomorrow..hoping it may be clear here too... your run sounded positively balmy! We had freezing fog yesterday and wet fog all day today !

I may catch up with you yet xxx


Never mind catch up; you’ll be hurtling past me! But I don’t mind - I’m going slow & steady, as some wise person on her says...! ;)

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Having read a few posts regarding finishing week 4, it has given me the "OK" to stay with this week a bit longer. This is my second time through programme and the first three weeks were much easier than last time. I've just done my third week 4 run - but it was so hard. Think I will do it a couple more times before moving on. Of course it may be just fear of the 20min run at the end of week5!

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