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Get-back-to-it sort of run


Hello my fellow snow-runners!

You know, I was getting really fired up for running again. Then spring was cancelled, snow and ice everywhere, no way I could run in that without either getting lost in a snow drift or slipping and breaking every bone in my body. So - it's probably 10 days or so since I last ran.

However, today was the day. It wasn't too cold, that is to say, not as cold as last week, it wasn't raining, so off I went. Did I mention the last few runs I've done "unplugged". I don't run "naked" as I don't want to scare people off :P I decided that I wasn't going to chance the towpath, as it was probably a muddy nightmare, so I did a short route on the local hills/roads again. I thought I was going OK, then a lady who looked older than me overtook me at quite some speed. Oh well! I'm not running to compete with her, I'm running for me. And you lot! I just continued plodding.

I had a thought. I think the last few runs I've been more out of breath than usual, but for some reason it never occurred to me to slow down. I've been nagged to death by Oldfloss and Sadie-runs about this, I've nagged many others about it, so why oh why was I not slowing down? So - I did. And the difference was incredible. I know this stuff, I do, but like all of us, I sometimes just need a reminder.

In conclusion, I finished the run with the tank not yet empty as it were, still able to breathe, and it felt fantastic.

Enjoy your running everyone, don't be an idiot like me and go too fast, despite knowing better :)

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Sorry I nag you to is only because I care:)

Great post :)


Are you sure that wasn’t OldFloss running past you 😁

in reply to CatMo13

Now you mention it..... :) x


Hi Neil, good to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed your run so much. 😀


It is hard to establish a regular running plan, but I think it is necessary to ensure that a habit is developed. You know you can do this Neil; so you just need to do it 3 times a week. Run and enjoy how this makes you feel. It might be that memory that makes you go out next time. Good luck

Great advice😁


Hey Neil - great to hear you're back out there. Slow and unplugged is definitely good - and sounds particularly appealing having just completed intervals with Laura barking 1234 in my ear. All good fun though 😊


Ha ha! It is easier to nag than to practice what one preaches, eh?! Now, I am very strongly of the opinion that human beans are built / designed to run for long distances slowly. Think hunter gatherer days, when it is said that early humans would run for days tracking prey. Howevs, sometimes enthusiasm gets the better of us, and we revert to a childlike gay abandon and run like the bejesus! Happens to the best of us. Little Miss Does Things Right here accidentally ran 5k in 28 mins last week, so gleeful was she to get out after the mad week of snow/winter returneth! Thankfully saw the error of my ways and ran a much slower and easier 5k on Tues. So, I won’t tell you off (again), but just say I am proud of you for recognising the error of your ways and adjusting accordingly. Good lad.

Glad you are out and about again, my happy running buddy! 👏🏃‍♀️😀

That's brilliant, well done 👍 I'm the same at times especially when fitting in a run when I'm busy, then I'll go out with plenty of time and it feels great. Just goes to show that all the advice applies to me as well 😂. Glad you've had a great run my online running friend 😉

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