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week 4 run 3 completed x

Just finished week 4 pain free, i've been eating chocolate cake all week as son's birthday so glad to get running. I missed a run this week as had bad conjuntivitis and cannot believe how much i missed it (probably why i ate cake).

We are off to dorset tomorrow fossil hunting and some of week 5 runs will take place on chesil beach x i shall be like the hoff, rising from the depths of the ocean! X

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Enjoy the trip and the beaches!! 😁👍


thank you WOW HOO on Week 5 Run 3!! X

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Blimey I’d never thought of the Hoff doing W5 R3 and now that’s an image that is so hard to shift... and not in a good way!

Happy running on Chesil Beach - what a glorious place to run


thank you !


Wonderful... go you...enjoy your hols and run :)


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