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Week 4 run 3 completed

I can't deny that was really hard. Running straight after work never good. Blown about by the wind. Asthma is bad at the moment but I did it! I wanted to stop half way through the first 5 mins but pushed through. Argued with Laura that I wasnt recovered then jogged slower and she says slow down if you need to. If I slow down any more I'll be walking. Really scared about week 5 now!

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Well done for persevering when it got blowy! It does become harder when you are also battling a head wind but it can be so enjoyable too - braving the elements! Don't be afraid of week 5. You are making really good progress now and you will be up to it. It gets so much more satisfying from now on.

GOOD LUCK! and even if you do have to slow to walking pace (or less) so what? You are out there moving about and getting fitter. You've got off the couch - WELL DONE! I hope you are pleasantly surprised by your next run!

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Well done , I'm at same stage as you now , I'm doing my r1 wk5 tonight when I get in from work , we can do it , we have come this far , will let you know how I go on later .

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Well done Mum2. Did Run 2 tonight and I was Ok-ish until that last 5 minute run. I did do it but I could easily have bailed out after the first 2.5 minutes. It wasn't an option at that point though! I'm really scared about week 5 too. Is it me or does it seem like a big jump up? Shall we cling together like terrified children? ;-)

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Hehehehe I'm glad I'm not the only one having arguments with Laura!!!

You are doing so great! going out when tired after a full days work AND the weather isn't too good! BRAVO

esp with the astma and the wind - I so know how it feels, I was in the same boat yesterday - but I did it too !

WE rock you now;)


Congratulations for not giving up ~ it is so easy just to think that I will stop and catch up tomorow.

As my son keeps saying to me, 'I am made of all the days you don't see; not just the ones you do'. I believe he got that peal of wisdom from an Asics advert; so thanks Asics!!

He is a keen rower and is out training in horrendous conditions, but he only gets seen on the sunny regatta days. A bit like running in bad weather. Normal people are tucked-up infront of a fire whilst we are out, ahem, embracing the elements, only to be seen on those fleeting sunny days.


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