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Week 4 Run 3 completed

I've finished week 4, feeling quite chuffed.

Peeked at week 5 and think that it looks OK, but could be famous last words! 

Happy Easter everyone :-) 

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Good luck with week 5! I finished week 4 yesterday and start week 5 tomorrow morning. Can't believe I will be running 20 mins without stopping in 3 runs time. Really  excited about graduating, it will be a real sense of achievement 

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Thank you jhwin6 , good luck for tomorrow! 

I can't wait to graduate too. My ankles are a little bit sore so going to put my feet up, ready for the run on sunday! 


Well done :)

Week 5 is a real turning point, go slow and steady and you'll be fine.

Good luck :)

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Slow and steady, like everyone says.. it's a good mantra!

You will do it! :)

Happy Oestre!

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Thank you 😀


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