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What a difference a week makes!

What a difference a week makes!

So I graduated last Sunday, but since the beginning of Week 9 I’ve actually been mixing up my 30 minute runs by re-running the C25k programme with a friend. Friend is smaller and faster, so even though it’s back to 1 minute on/off again it’s been more like a bit of HIIT as her pace is so much faster than mine.

I think it’s helped as just looking at my pace from last Sunday to this Sunday, I’m improving! (There is the possibility I had been going easy on myself...)

Excited to see progress even past graduating and glad to find that I’m still enjoying it even without the structure of the app.

Hitting that 5k will be next, but there’s still more consolidation to do first.

Still can’t believe I’m at the stage where I’m posting about running 30 minutes non stop - never thought it would be something I could do, or want to do! How times change!

Good luck everyone, whichever week you are on or whatever goal you have in mind. Smash it! 👊🏻

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Ha, you are now the amazing new Hephz89..the runner😎xx


well you certainly smashed that time didn’t you. Well done you.


Wow...look at you... you runner you :)


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