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I was running and so was my nose

I was really keen to get to the end of W6 so decided to go for it despite a sore throat (courtesy of young grandchildren AGAIN) and the beginnings of a cold. Managed to do it and was so happy and chuffed. Very slow as always but this doesn’t worry me. I was able to follow Michael’s suggestion to accelerate for the last minute too. 😲

The first 8 or so minutes were the hardest, and this is very similar to when I was regularly swimming, when the first 10 lengths were the tough ones. I only came to C25k because I suddenly became allergic to the pool water which was extremely upsetting at first but now seems a blessing in disguise.

I am very grateful to all those who’ve posted their experiences on this forum. There’s such a lot of wisdom and encouragement.

I plan to start W7 on my 65th birthday this week unless the germs overpower me and get a gait analysis done. How thrilling - and 6 weeks ago I hadn’t a clue what it was!

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Aww like you I just completed week 6 this morning with a throat and chest infection. You inspire me as I’m finding it hard enough approaching my 50th bday. I shall think of you on my next run 😀


Thank you! Splutter , choke....


That's wonderful, really pleased that you are enjoying your journey so much.


Fantastic that you're enjoying the running and not missing your swimming too much. There are lots of us who experience what's called The Toxic Ten where the first ten minutes of the run are where your body is getting used to using your oxygen etc more efficiently, then somehow it seems to settle down and you can get into a rhythm.

good luck and Happy Running!


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