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Week 9, Run 3, ... I graduated!

It took about 12 weeks but I got there in the end. This morning’s graduation run was more of a mental challenge than a physical one. In the back of my mind there was always the fear that something was going to go wrong.

Thanks to everybody here for the encouraging words and advice throughout the programme.

To anybody just starting this adventure, you may be thinking, like I was 3 months ago ago, can I do this? Well, yes you can!

So what next? Definitely going to keep this up but I need another goal to aim for, so now I’m going to follow Ju-Ju’s 10K plan.

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Congratulations & well done 🏆


Congratulations graduate, time to celebrate. 🏅🎓🌟

Maybe consolidate you 30 minute runs three times a week before moving on?

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Well done 😊


Congratulations! Now comes the difficult bit 😂😈 (I'm evil, aren't I?). Keeping it up without having a programme to follow, motivating yourself to go out without a voice in your ear telling you what to do. I would consolidate a bit first before moving on to 10k. Ju-Ju's plan is brilliant and not quite so brutal as some, but experiment a bit first. Try the c25k+ podcasts and run around a bit. I know ramping up to 10k immediately after finishing the programme was a bit much for me (although I was naughty and did it after 6 weeks. Took me another 3 months to do it again though!)

Well done again - and enjoy!

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Congratulations Sigered🎉🎉🎉🎉

Well done on completing the program and Graduating.

A few more of those 30 minute runs just to get more confident and stronger will be helpful.....and because you can!😊x

Ask for your badge here....and there is a link there on what to do next too.



Going for a run three times a week is now the new normal. Which is strange...


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