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Starting c25k

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Well just completed my first run in over 2 years and loved it. To cut a long story short I did the c25k about 2 years ago and I managed to get to week 5. I lost my job and it went out the window. 2 years later and a massive 5 stone weight gain I decided to try it again. I’ve been doing SlimmingWorld for just under a month and said to myself as soon as I have lost 1 stone I will start c25k and yesterday I got my 1 stone sticker. So today I started run 1. And to be honest I thought it would kill me but it was fine. As I remember from last time my legs killed the next day so I’m not looking fwd to that. Any way thanks for reading and hope to keep updated with my journey

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Hi biggydoug and Well done for starting C25k again. This time you will complete the program! After your warm down walk while your muscles are still warm do some gentle leg stretches.

Here is a link to lots of great information that has been put together that you may find of interest.

Good luck and keep posting so we can cheer you on😊

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I've a (slightly) similar situation to you. I too have attempted and failed this challenge previously but am so inspired by all the nice comments and advice and motivation from everyone on here that I am compelled to start it again soon. Always struggling with my diet but do go on my exercise bike 3 times a week pushing myself further each time in the hope I can build my cardio enough to start the programme again.

Good luck with your journey and lets hope you smash it this time :)

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WhatsappGraduate in reply to JanB76

You don't need to build your cardio to start the programme. The programme builds your cardio. Its good that you are cycling, you can carry that on during your 'rest' days. But TBH there is no way to get better at running apart from running.

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JanB76Graduate in reply to Whatsapp

Personally I feel for me it's the cardio that's holding me back. I currently can't jog 30 secs without feeling like my lungs are about to explode. If not cardio, any suggestions??

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WhatsappGraduate in reply to JanB76

JanB76 unless there is a medical issue, the only reason I can see that you are burning your lungs out after 30 seconds is that you are running too fast.

The jog should be as slow as you can possibly go and still call it a jog.

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JanB76Graduate in reply to Whatsapp

I'll go back to the drawing board. Thanks for the advice.

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to JanB76

Please read the guide to the plan

It may clarify many things for you.

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to JanB76

I'm willing to bet you think a jog is necessarily faster than a walk? Not for our purposes it isn't! The point is that a running motion and a walking motion are different movements and have different impacts on the body.

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Mojorunner in reply to JanB76

I've started C25k...again! I jog slower than I run, but it really helps getting my breathing sorted. Walking I'm fine, but the motion of jogging leaves me breathless! Just slow it down and good luck :)

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JanB76Graduate in reply to Mojorunner

I must have done something right this time round as I graduated just over a week ago now. Am nowhere near the 5k mark but I can run for 30 mins which has been an amazing achievement for me.

Good luck with your journey!!

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I'm not sure what you are asking. It sounds as though you are saying that once you've got to 30 minutes 3 times you want your graduate badge/to say you have graduated?

One of the things C25K unexpectedly brought me was the ability to just shut the **** up and do as I am told sometimes. I'm not as cool and smart as I think I am, and whilst there are many ways to get fitter I had chosen of my own free will to do the C25K (and I liked it here)... yes the programme builds up so that you can run continuously for 30 minutes but regularly (so a minimum of 27 runs with a minimum of a day between each)... so trying to finish 'faster' demonstrates that whatever feats your body is capable of, your mind has some way to go... why accept your 'limits'? You speak as though you fear emotional injury if you continue with C25K. One of the things C25K offers is improved resilience - the ability to stick with things, the ability not to fall apart completely when other parts of your life get tough... People certainly do chafe against the programme in some way or another at this point - often a rubbish run in weeks 7-9 but there's an anxiety creeps in about 'what next?' which sometimes manifests itself exactly as you are experiencing.

It looks like you may have switched to the 'Boom and Bust' plan (which is undoubtedly much more 'popular' as a fitness and weight loss strategy than starting and completing C25K, just not very effective long term)

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Rignold in reply to GoogleMe

Is this reply on the wrong thread? Doesn’t seem to relate to the OP or earlier posts at all

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Rignold

It does relate to the OP but it is the wrong thread. I wanted to check back on Notsobigdoug 's previous posts before responding and have accidentally put my response to a recent post here. Thanks for pointing it out!

Well done for coming back to it! Good luck with the weight loss !

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