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Did you lose or gain weight when you started C25K?

So I was 1lb away from losing 5 stone when I started C25K 5 weeks ago...but since I started it I've gained about 6lb :( I'm not sure if it's related to C25K...maybe a mixture of building muscle and retaining water after a run??? or if its down to a new medication I've started...or both? Either way it's massively demoralising and I was just wondering if your weight changed...for better or worse when you started the programme? It's definitely not diet because I'm still sticking to the diet plan that lost me the weight in the first place so I'm only netting 1200 calories a day.

Thanks in advance!!!

Lou xx

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Hey I've been on slimming world for ages now, not really lost anything in the last few weeks and this week gained 2lb at weigh in :-( gutted is an understatement, but I think it takes along time for your body to get used to working so hard so probably stores some of those calories as energy.

Also when I worked out actually how much I have been exercising over the past 9 weeks its not as much as I thought- now I'm in week 9 and actually running for a full 30 mins every other day I hope to see the weight start to shift (if you get what I mean)?

Also looking at weight loss someone at SW said to me yesterday that I needed to shake things up a bit and change my meals as the body gets used to what we are giving it and so gets smart to not to over/under use the calories we put in!

I'm gonna do 3 days a week carb free and increase my veg intake instead of snaking on fruit to fill me up as its higher in sugar and calories than I thought!

Keep posting I'm interested to see how others get on with this, I'm giving slimming world another month - now I'm on week 9 and exercising "properly" if it isn't working I'm gonna try something else (diet I mean nit running, I will keep this up forever!) - feeling like I have developed an unhealthy obsession with food lately and it's getting a bit weird lol!

But don't be defeated Lou getting fit will have more long term benifits - at Xmas my resting heart rate was 90 today it's 52 so just shows its what's going on in the inside that's important too :-D hope this helps


I put on weight like you! You probably don't have much fat left to lose, so the only considerable difference in your weight is the muscle weight, which of course means that your weight is increasing.

Stop worrying, stop weighing yourself and start looking at the difference in your health and your body (e.g flatter stomach), because as you have found out, WEIGHT LIES!!! Haha

~ Olivia


Olivia makes a great point! I am 7 months into running and just as heavy if not heavier then starting. I have toned and lost in clothing sizes though. Gayle


Thanks guys. I know I should stop weighing myself and stop worrying but it's hard! When you gain control over something you've felt out of control of your whole life then feel like you're losing it makes you a little crazy! I really should stop obsessing and just eat right / exercise but it's easier said than done. Like MrsBelt, I think at times my relationship with food / the scale is a bit unhealthy but i'm just SCARED of gaining 5 stone again and every time it creeps up another 1lb (regardless of the reason) I feel defeated :( I also have to fit into a wedding dress in 3 months!!! xx


hi, Ive been doing this running for 5.5 weeks and haven't lost a pound! BUT i took my measurements before I started Bust, Waist, Hips, Thighs, Calves and around my belly. I have taken my measurements each week and after 5 weeks I have lost in total 8 inches, a massive 3 inches from my waist. VERY PLEASED :)


Hi. You're unlikely to lose significant weight by running. My answer at explains. BUT as julieg21 says, you should lose fat and therefore be a bit thinner.


I've got one run to graduation and I've put weight on, over the previous couple of years I'd lost a mammoth amount of weight (over 16 stone) through a calorie controlled diet and since starting running, although I've maintained a healthy diet I've not restricted the calories as my focus has been on becoming a better runner and completing the goals set out in the plan for which you need energy.

I'm am though more toned especially in my legs and I'm hoping the additional muscle will in turn increase my BMR.


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