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Question ??

It’s a question I can’t find the answer to. With the C25K program. Should you be doing 3 runs a week or can you do a run every other day?

I run on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and give myself a 2 day break ready for when they step it up in the next week. But I am enjoying it so much I just want to go out running all the time. Is this the Runner’s high I keep reading about or is that something else? lol

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The program is fairly flexible. The main thing is to take at least one day's rest between runs...

Three times a week is good discipline if you are able, but some have graduated while running less often it just takes a bit longer.

You can run every other day, but as the running times get longer, some prefer to take an extra rest day between runs which is a good idea.

Good luck and most importantly enjoy your running journey😊x


LOL. Yeah, it probably is the high! :P Yes, you *could* still have just one rest day inbetween and thus end up staggering the weeks over actual weeks. Personally I *wouldn't* do that. The body is sometimes most grateful for that extra rest day and that actually shows up with better results than if you had ploughed on through (also I'm weird, I didn't do my double rest day at the end of the week, I did it mid-week).

More importantly though that day is very useful for when life gets in the way and you have to move a run from your normal day. That will affect a person running on a treadmill less, but since you're outdoors like me, you've got to factor in days when the pavements are pure ice and it's better to wait a day than fall flat on your face. Or you get food poisoning or whatever. Gives you a day in hand.

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Have a read of the article I just posted "For newbies". Problem for you in your enthusiasm :) - could be that you hurt yourself in the process :( There a many ways of hurting yourself - one is pushing everything too hard - and the other is not understanding what is happening inside your body in the early stages - to your lungs and heart, your bones and your ligaments. As the article explains, the stress, recovery and adaption phases of these things are all different - so just when you think your cardio is coming along nicely, you get a stress fracture in a bone somewhere :(


You organise your runs exactly how your lifestyle determines.

As Bluebirdrunner says... it is flexible and the only unbreakable rule is... take at east one rest day between runs:)

I usually run Sunday..Tuesday and Friday... :)


Read the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... which answers this and many other questions.


Thanks for all your advice. I think I’ll stick to how I am doing it, seems to be the best way


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