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So assuming I manage to get through each week with no repeats or injuries im due to have my last c25k run on December 16th. Obviously we are well into winter by then and I run up and down slight inclines my whole route so a question for all you longer term runners

How often is the weather likely to impact my ability to go out in your experience? Is it worth joining a gym, or finding somewhere indoors to run? I dont want to pay for things I wont use as im happy running outdoors (at least when no one is watching :D ) as long as the weather allows, but I dont want to find myself falling behind in the program because the weather is holding me back.

I live in Glasgow if that makes a difference

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  • Whilst you are doing the C25K you are only ever running for a max of 30mins so I'm sure that you can fit that around the weather unless you have loads of snow and ice.

    You could also invest in some nice new winter clothing as I'm sure that you wont want avoid winter running outside all together... especially when you graduate!! Although I live in the south, I cant recall the last time I missed a run due to the weather... in fact I prefer to run in the cool and drizzle!!

  • I wont classify myself a long term runner but have looked this up myself. I currently wear a running jacket (got it from sports direct) so that the wind stays out and my body stays warm. As it gets colder, speaking to some experienced friends, they said I could get running leggings, gloves and a head band to cover the ears.

  • I graduated nearly two years ago, and I will go out in most weather. I'm running in races these days, and I figure that as I have no control over the weather on the day of a race, I'd better be prepared for anything! If it's cold I'll wear warmer clothes, if it's raining or sunny I've got my hat to shield my eyes. I don't care about getting wet because I'm just going to go home and shower afterwards anyway. I've not had to contend with ice or snow, but I probably wouldn't even race in those conditions (gotta think about health and safety sometimes! :)) If I wanted to graduate on December 16th I'd probably do it in pretty much any weather.

    And of course if the weather's bad there will be fewer people around to watch you :)

    I remember posting months ago about how I would always avoid running on windy days, and how I marvelled at the people I could see running past my flat in practically any weather! High winds would still stop me from going out running (probably, although if I can organise it so that the wind's behind me then...). What sort of thing puts you off?

  • The only thing that stopped me going out in 10 months of running (weatherwise) was a storm with thunder and lightning. It was unusual in that it was at 6 am, but I didn't want to get struck by lightning! So I jumped around a bit in the living room doing a semi workout and ran the next day. Otherwise I run in rain, snow and even when it is icy underfoot. High temperatures put me off more than winter weather. Cold weather is very exhilerating๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • I have invested in a running jacket (or 2, or 3๐Ÿ˜€), I know rain isn't going to be an issue as I got a couple of good summer soakings but know I need a hat to keep it out of my eyes. I also have a chest lamp to light the way as I live in a rural area and already need that most days. I plan to layer up as it gets colder but am hoping that it won't get too cold before Santa pays a visit ๐Ÿ˜€ I will not venture out if it's icey though - too risky and I'm hooked on this running lark.

    As for the wind, it's wonderful when it's pushing you along - sadly my routes mean I always have to turn and face it at some point ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  • if your really worried about what to wear on a cold winters day then Runners World has a little help :

  • My biggest concerns are wind and anything slippy like ice snow or slush. I dont mind the rain as im straight home for a shower, the cold i can dress for so thats ok. Basically im scared of falling over and injuring myself, or battling a wind and being knackered half way through.

    By the sound of things there shouldnt be too many days im likely to have trouble, and the gym is always there and will let me join whenever so if there comes a week the weather doesnt play ball i can sort something.

    Thanks for all the replies, i always seem to find something new to worry about.

  • Run outside. I bought a gym pass my first year and rarely used it, preferring the outdoors. Practice running on the snow and ice, some of it is rather easy to run on, other ice (freezing rain sort) is near impossible. In general it's a rare day you have to miss running outside due to the conditions, and on those you can cross-train or buy a 1x drop in pass for the gym.

  • I agree with you - ice/slippery conditions would be a bit dangerous. I have run in horizontal rain, hail, strong winds. In fact I much prefer cooler weather and find warm, sunny days quite a struggle (we don't get too many of those in the Highlands!). I join a village gym in the winter so I can continue running despite snow/ice or gales. All the best.

  • The only thing which has impacted on me over the last couple of years has been frost and ice, but that just meant I had to change my route or time and be careful.

    In 2009/10 we had compacted snow for weeks on end and I wouldn't have been able to run in that, but I guess that's quite rare. Since you are in a city, I expect your routes will be gritted or cleared by the council. It's a bit trickier out of town.

  • My routes are footpaths managed by our residents association so little gritting happens on those, and although im in Glasgow, im on the outskirts and my estate has 3 sections, each with only 1 way in and out so are low priority for gritters. Just outside my estate is a main road that does get gritted, I might have a look at main road routes that could be an alternative so thanks for that idea.

    Like Ive said before I suffer with anxiety and can get rather wound up over planning and identifying potential problems, feeling more relaxed today that there are solutions. I actually like running outside with my wee dog, really getting into it more than I ever could when i tried going to the gym.

    On the plus side, it was frosty this morning and I managed the whole route so I should be fine unless the weather gets extreme and in that case I can just get a gym day pass like someone mentioned.

  • I live in a medium sized village in Cambridgeshire, but only the main through routes and a couple of non-cul-de-sac residential roads near the school get gritted here, so for the last two winters I've walked carefully on the frosty pavements from home, then run in the 'cleared' tyre tracks made by the cars on the gritted roads. It's a bit of a pain, and you can't do it with music blaring in your ears as you have to dive onto the pavement when a car is coming, but it is better than missing a run!

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