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C25k... question to graduates please?

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Good morning 🌞

I'm half way through the programme (contemplating 10k training when I've completed and gained 5k experience) but generally my new health goal for this once completed was and is, to run 5k 3x week for life.

God permitting.

Is that an average aim or do you lovely graduates who run 5k, run more often? Everyone's different I know but I'm thinking long term impact, continuity etc - is there an ideal or a case of just do it... run as and when you can and want to?!

Thanks for your thoughts!

Have a great day,


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For me, three times a week is ideal to keep me ticking over, if I *have* to miss a run I don't fret it though and I do find that having the odd week off is beneficial too.

Once I started increasing distance I sometines do a short run, a medium run and a longer one or just run twice a week.

Good luck completing the rest of the plan. You will be able to do it and its great that your long term goal is to make running part of your life.😊

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Thank you- those were on the line of my thoughts too... I want it to become a frequent discipline before I "let myself off" - it's still new to me at the moment! 😊


I run 3 times a week normally but sometimes miss a run. I tend to vary my runs depending on what I feel like doing. Sometimes a fast as you can 5k and then another a long slow run with no distance limits.

It is a fair aim but not something I have managed to achieve through various thing work/life/decorating so I try to get at least one run at the weekends if I am lucky but heyho such is life if only to be retired but as I am only 55 no chance there.


I've been running for 1 1/2 years. I ran pretty much every other day for the first year, and then increased to 4x a week to try and get some more mileage in. 3x a week is perfect at the beginning, there's time for a short, a medium and a long run, which is ideal. Despite running for so long I am still scared I might "fall off the wagon", so I try not to give myself excuses for not running. Only valid reasons are illness/injury or if I'm in an area not suited to running (for instance I was in Africa in November where it was too hot and unsafe for a woman to go toddling off on her own). Otherwise - run πŸƒ!

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Thank you for your reply😊

Funny you mention Africa. I've been listening to the recent news articles about African ladies being taught to box to help them protect themselves better and they love it! I may well look into this myself 😁.

I'm a twice a week runner as I do lots of other things. I came to running to complete my first triathlon and the training plan I used had twice a week running. I now run, swim, hike and do Stregnth and core work. I have completed two HM's training twice a week, but I do give myself extra time to train up for them. I think it is a personal thing, I like to shake up my exercise a bit.


Three 5ks a week was always my aim at this stage of the programme but it is totally up to you, although I would say running every other day is enough for a new runner as you are more at risk of overuse injuries. I will always take an extra rest day if I think I need it. I also bridged to 10k and ended up with this as my weekly long run (along with 2 x 5ks). If you are training for an event then all that can be adjusted for increased mileage (I went on to do a 10 miler and a HM). Sadly...I am now aiming for my 3x 5K again as I have just returned from the injury couch but hope to build back up soonπŸ™‚. I love the pattern of two shorter runs and a longer one. Also, try to run on different surfaces too - I do plenty of road work but am happiest on muddy trails, especially for my weekend long run during the winter!

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Thank you 😊 I hope you recover well and are back in your running shoes soon!

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Thanks - back at my 5k's now so feeling a lot happier than I was!πŸ™‚


I have bee running 3 times a week when fully fit enough, or work didn't interfere, during the summer. However, as I run about 5.30am and it was quite dark this morning, I am probably going to stop my morning runs in the next couple of weeks.

I will continue to run once on the weekend (park run if Sat, alone if Sun) over the winter to keep my hand-in, whilst getting back to HIIT training to keep the fitness levels up. Maybe then join a running club in the new year to build up my running again for next season.

I currently have no interest in increasing to 10k as the short 5k runs fit nicely into my lifestyle and I don't have the time spare.


Once I had finished the course, I continued running 3 times a week to keep the momentum going and steadily increased the distance.

I now run twice a week and whatever distance comes out of it nothing structured (minimum 5k thouh) or if I tired it will be 3 X 5K runs.

Only 2nd Week as a graddy, but twice during the week and once at weekends for me. Aiming to consolidate the 5k for a month or so and then stretch to the 10k.

I set up my run reminders from Mr Smooth to make sure I go. He has no idea he is sending them, but it fools me....πŸ˜‰


Hiya, Before C25K the alarm at 6 was cursed in quite colourful language. Over the 9 weeks it became more and more welcomed and now, 3 weeks to the day since graduation, I'm still leaping out of bed with eager anticipation 3 times a week! I've spent the last couple of weeks, had a week off for hols after graduating, hitting 5k at whatever pace I can manage and not focusing on time. Every run is a learning experience but the enjoyment is definitely there and growing. Over the next few weeks I may look at extra challenges but for now it's consolidation.

Best of luck to you!


I was quite lost when I graduated - tried the Bridge to 10K programme but could not get into it like I did the 5K programme. So - just kept running and first aimed at 5 miles, then at 10K. Got to both but then life and work started interfering and only very lately have I realised I need to stick to a Run schedule - time/distance/speed will come or not but if I don't get out there three times a week I will eventually lose all that lets me run enjoyably :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

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Hope you keep getting out there, thank you for the encouragement....I haven't even thought about my running speed😁!


I would say just do whatever works for you. Obviously after graduation you need to keep up a certain level of exercise so that you don't lose the fitness you worked so hard for.

For me I set out with the aim of running round my local park 3 times a week. It's about 6km. I'm happy with having achieved that given I have some fairly serious injuries I'm carrying due to a motorbike accident.

Whatever works for you really. Stick with the plan and you will get there. πŸ‘

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Good advice yes, I'll stick to it, it's working well so far, my final run of week 5 today.

Sorry to hear you've had a bad accident.

Go steady! 😊

Thanks Louise


I normally run every other day, so 3 times one week, 4 the next. Sometimes if I've done a particularly long run I might have two days off. How ever often I run though, I try to mix things up a bit with some shorter runs, some intervals, some long slow runs...

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Thanks curlygurly, soubds good, I may do similar and probably ought to work on my speed when I'm more confident running a straight 30 minutes or so..... 😊

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