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The boogie bodyrockin' queen

The boogie bodyrockin' queen

Yesterday I found out that I have a day off today (just forgot that I'd booked it off to use up my annual leave) "Awesome," I thought "time to spend with Mr Psycho. Lovely!"

About an hour later I realised something - I could do my 'Run for Pizza' fun run before the weekend. Re-sult!

When I woke up this morning, after a nice 'I turned off the alarm' lie-in, I told Mr Psycho "I'm going for a run"

"OK," he told me...and decided to show me what he called 'an alternative way to stretch before a run' (which I don't think will catch on in major sports but did stretch my back (*nudge nudge wink wink*)

Back all stretched, I donned my kit and headed out, Zombies, Run! for company and an end goal in mind - do 5k in under an hour and despite my mood last week, I managed a slog up the extremely steep hill (at a walk. with rests. it's that steep.) and much to my surprise, I was almost through the local industrial estate by 28 minutes!

"Really?" I thought, "Cool! That gives me 20 minutes to try and get back the the Psycho Abode by the 50 minute mark. 29 if I want to make it under an hour!"

I might have been helped along by the fact that it's mostly steep downhill to the industrial estate, good for timing but honestly my legs have never moved so fast in my life!

And I was Reet Petite, Higher and Higher, Hey Kitty Girl and Sissy that Walk-ing along as I got to [nearest pub's name] then slowed and jogged a bit, ran a bit, walked a bit, dodged teenagers on their way to Secondary school (some of the rude little gits didn't move to let me pass, el naffo to them. I hope their lessons are REALLY boring today in karma payback) and got back to the estate I live on with minutes to spare before the timer hit an hour.

I'm unbelievably proud of myself because, even with the steep hill I had to climb, forgot I had to wait for some white vans to go past me too because it's also narrow, I'm counting this as a new personal best!

Take care

MrsPsycho out xx

PS. in case anyone's wondering about Cecelia, she hasn't shown up again yet, though I did get a soggy piece of paper in the post that I think might've been an attempt at a postcard. the writing was a bit blurry, but I think it said "sea wet. weather awful. Are you going to eat the whole bag of white fudge covered pretzels or not?"

Answer: Not. That's another achievement. The bag of pretzels has been in my hand bag since saturday and...I've had 3 pretzels out of it and didn't feel the need to eat my way through the whole bag.

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Fabulous - well done on the run! And I love the idea of a postcard from Cecelia! :D


thanks RainbowC. How's your DD2 coming along on C25K? still jumping in puddles with glee? ;)


A little TMI there, Mrs P. But pleased that you had a good stretch, AND a PB. Do you think these facts could be related??? :-)


TMI? I only meant he rubbed my back until it wasn't sore anymore. Naturally *innocent look that doesn't quite draw attention away from her little devil horns* ;)

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Ahh, young love :-)

You'll need to get into your freezer to cool off!


I would if my freezer was working! ;)


Isn't getting mended today?


part's on order, it'll be in next week


TMI is exactly what I was going to say too........well done on your time & I would definitely print that result off & frame it! Great stuff :)


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