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The missing 300m from Saturday just got slapped!


So on Saturday I was 300m short of 5k.

So this morning I wanted to add that to my distance. Done nearly 400 miles in the car since Saturday's run so really needed to stretch out those leg muscles.

Set off about an hour later than normal as off work today. With music in my ear and a determination to to 5.3k. A feeling quite good so decided to just carry on until I felt tired.

As I neared what I thought was the distance I checked my Polar watch to find I was only 2 minutes short of an hour. So I carried for just over 2 minutes to make it an hour.

Looking at the results I really slapped that 300m from Saturday as I actually did 6.7km. Really chuffed with myself firstly actually doing more than 5k and secondly doing it for an hour.

Weds and Friday back to my normal 30 minutes but will definitely have a spring in the steps.

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Congratulations Andy loW Well done...

Go you! 🙌🏻


Well done, Andy. Don't overdo it tho okay? Scale it back to 5K for a bit and may be take another repair day xx

AndyIoWGraduate in reply to sallenson

Yes going back to the 30 minute sessions for the rest of the week. Then Sunday will be bck to the 5k distance.

But thanks for your thoughts.


What an amazing achievement well done you 😀

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