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well I made it through week seven and started week eight today. Another really nice run. Beautiful sunny day on a path around the lake. It was so nice to be out while it was warm for a change. I felt so good I had to force myself to stop at 28 minutes. Even knocked about a minute off of my time per mile. I think my legs are starting to catch up with my lungs now.

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Brilliant run!

Graduation is just around the corner Froglegs , enjoy the journey!


It’s getting close. I’m starting to think I might make it.

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It’s great when a plan comes together 🏃‍♂️Well done!


Thank you. I don’t think I could’ve done it without all the helpful information I learned on this website.


Good work! And isn't it just wonderful when you start to notice the improvements in your fitness? For me it felt like a minor miracle, and I wished I had taken up this running lark years before. Keep up the good work. Just think, it will only get better when spring arrives, and you can run in warmer weather, notice the leaves returning to the trees and nature generally waking up again. I love running in the early morning in the spring and summer, it is so uplifting – and you have all that to come!

Sadie-runs x


I’m really surprised how much better I feel overall. A lot more energy through my day now. Spend my rest day just looking forward to being able to go running the next day. I can’t believe I’m still pain-free on all these runs. There’s a lot to be said for following the program.


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