Well it was a beautiful, clear night as I stepped out to start week 8, very little breeze and not too cold as a result.

I started the day nice and early with a bit of marshalling at parkrun while Mr Pip was a number checker and Piplet lazed in bed.

We then drove over to the Leisure Centre for a mid morning swim (50 lengths for me) and Gym for Mr Pip

Then home to find Piplet making pancakes for lunch so we joined in...mmm pancakes and "Schenkstroop"

A short cycle to football... good old league 2 battle, and we emerged victorious.. and a cycle back home.. with half a decision in my head to do W8R1 and not to procrastinate for a week..

Then I decided tomorrow would be ok...then I changed my mind (old woman's perogative) and decided tonight again as I believe Mr Pip is taking us out in the car with our bikes and then a long cycle ride maybe and I don't think my tired cycle legs will want to run .

So having hunted high and low to see where my Gremlin had hidden my Bluetooth ear phones I eventually got out of that front door. The sea was quiet and calm, the sky a dark navy blue with stars aplenty...and lots of lights on the horizon, rigs, supply boats, wind turbines... all things to keep me pleasantly distracted as I thudded down the promenade very very slowly for 14 minutes and back again for 14 minutes. It was hard going and I did feel like giving up very early on, wondering what I was actually hoping to achieve by all this pounding... and the answer evades me still

Anyways on turning round for the inward journey I decided I could actually manage to complete tonight's run and I did too... Sarah Millican wittered on a bit, but I'm always glad to hear her voice especially if she has a time update for me. I'd like to know if she has done C25K haha.

So tonight for the first time I feel I will actually graduate in the not too distant future... (will probably fall off aforementioned bike and break something now I've said that)

Would like to know in my mind what I should be aiming for after that... a 30 min run will not be 5k so I guess I just keep running and gradually increase the time.

Well time to put the clocks forward and head to bed and rest my weary body

Good night :)

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10 Replies

  • Good work, an impressive amount of exercise in one day....

  • Sounds good on paper. However swimming slow and steady, cycling just a couple of miles one way and a couple back (maybe I'll run it one day)... And my running is a very slow jog... And the parkrun marshalling is just a lot of standing about 😁

  • Don't knock it, it's a great day's activity! Could've been sitting around all day!

  • Well done. Sounds an impressively energetic day.

    Swimming is great - I like swimming in the sea so am looking forward to summer. We have a wind farm being built off shore but aren't we lucky to be able to run by the sea! It's a joy just being out there, even if it is usually windy.

    Happy cycling today X

  • Yes love it, just need to pluck up courage to run by daylight amongst the tourists and dog walkers. The big cycle ride is off ( thank goodness) but we're gonna have a ride up the coast later, some of which is a nice path. Well done about 15-20 miles in total, not fast though as there'll likely be a lot of people to weave through and we have to be very vigilant as they're not always ... Not complaining though as i like walking too.. and I'm glad to see people here and being out in the fresh air.

  • 50 lengths!! My goodness! No way could I swim 50 lengths!

  • I'm sure you could.. i take it steadily. I generally do around 36-42 lengths 3 nights a week... If i have time to go on a weekend where i can have longer in the pool and if it's fairly uncrowded I will do more...I do have a few brief rests too.

  • That's very active and running at night is also very dedicated. I normally can't work myself up to it, so I am very impressed when someone else can. You only have a couple of weeks now - so better start planning post-graduation!

  • I know.. can't imagine how I'll structure it but it's certainly something to sit down and consider plan carefully as I don't want to undo it all.. going to take my progresses seriously and slowly.

    Want to slowly bring it up to the 5k mark as I'm nowhere near that.

    I know from parkrun (twice) that I can walk and jog in 53...So will look at gradually improving. I've read on here that I shouldn't increase by more than 10% a week and that . That makes sense as the programme only increases gradually so I will definitely take that on board.

  • I'm still very impressed MotherPip! Well done you 👏👏👏

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