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how have your legs changed?


i'm intrigued how peoples legs have changed during the C to 5K, my seem more defined than before, less wobbly and I am only on week 2. I have had 2 children in my late 30s early forties and developed saddlebags and saggy knees!! so would love these bits of fat to go and skin to strengthen up? Thank you! XX

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It is amazing how quickly your body starts to change on C25k. I have dropped a jeans size in the last 6 months just through exercise. You should try @rignold s Squat challenge if you want to see some good changes in leg/butt definition. My top half now needs some attention to catch up!

Well I need to go up a size in jeans because my skinny leg jeans now pinch on my calves... But hey ho they are looser on the waist, so the running gods give and take! :)

This is more or less 5 months after graduating from C25K.

In all seriousness though, I think it really depends on your muscular definition prior and the distances you run, so don't be alarmed, I may be the only person with this affliction!

Michele2017Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

love the blog btw x

Thanks a lot - it is fun writing it.... but the Popeye calves - I have no idea what to do about them...

Michele2017Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

I would show them off to be honest x skirts all the way x

Popeye in skirts... well I will give it a go!


Legs AND arms more defined, though arms not so much. People who havent seen me for a while say Im firmer.


music to my ears thank you, firmness will go a long way xx


I now have ankles, for which i’m grateful. I used to have like a spare tyre over my knees, which has gone


Wow an improvement in the knee area sounds great thank you!


I have always been told I had legs like either matchsticks or was called sparrow legs )-: Since c25k I have more like pigeon legs so an improvement (-: More defined calves and much harder muscles all over on legs. Top half is still way behind the bottom half as basically cannot get into any routine.

B4 ct5k I had to throw away loads of T shirts & 2 pairs of jeans & trousers that did not fit my waist.My own fault as when I was working my job was physical and kept the weight off. When I packed up work I should of started c25k then or some sort of exercise.

Since c25k I have lost weigh all over and waist is going down so it will not be long b4 all my new jeans will be too big around the waist and I will have to go out and buy some new ones.

There is no doubt c25k improves the body and the mind. For those who have a stressful job running must be heaven where rain or wind will not stop you getting you fix.


Even though I am overweight, the definition on my thighs is much better. In fact, about a year after I started C25K one of my daughters (not really known for handing out compliments) looked at me as I was about to go for a run and exclaimed, 'Legs!' Well, yes, obviously I have legs, you've seen them before, I said - but what she was surprised about was the definition. Although, like Jancanrun , my calves are also more defined so I'm a bit more self-conscious about wearing skirts and heels, and skinny jeans look even odder :D

I once wrote a post about my transformation 🙂


Yes, legs & arms toned up, biceps are more pronounced and not been on the weights, I don't do the gym.. funny, I was talking about the toned arms with my nephew at Parkrun yesterday and he agreed..

Michele2017Graduate in reply to davelinks

thats amazing my arms need the help

Ive been running for six months ...ive lost only 4lb in weight ...but im much more toned . Did not know how much until iblooked at a before and after photo

Michele2017Graduate in reply to Runwithbob

do you share the pics?


Hi there. I'm on week 8 and have noticed a big change in my legs already - and started to from very early on. Firstly they feel so much stronger and more solid (no great surprise really) but it is also lovely to feel & see toned muscles in there rather than those wobbly things that used to be muscles a long time ago but for many years now have tended to wobble around in a undefined and rather disconcerting manner! I like to think I am becoming a honed, toned and streamlined thoroughbred and I'm sure you are too ;)

Michele2017Graduate in reply to Seaskimmer

hurrah I do hope so!

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