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Killing time... how times have changed :-)


Today I am taking my better half to a girls only event an hour or so away which will last about 2 hours, so not worth going home.

Couple of years ago I would have spent the "hanging around" time probably at McDonald's and then at my favourite coffee shop feeding my face with a muffin.

Coming up to date... this "free" time is a perfect opportunity to browse the area on Google maps and find a nice running route for a couple of hours. It didn't take long to find a nice route which today will be a running up a local canal towpath.

Always worth leaving some running kit in the back of the car just in case an opportunity arises.

How times have changed....

Happy running folks :-)

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Yeh l have spent many unproductive hours in my car taxiing my son around when l could have been doing something productive all changed now since l found this great program you are never too old 👍😂


I love it!

Whenever I'm in a new place the first thing I check is whether I can get a run in. If necessary I will adapt my weekly schedule. Then I have been known to choose my business hotels on the basis of a likely running route! Even hubby has been known to make holiday suggestions with the added comment "and it's a good place for JaySee to run".


There you go, Andy, you could knock off a half marathon in your idle moments.

Enjoy it.


Sounds perfect, enjoy.


Wonderful- a fantastic change! 😀

Brilliant isn't it? Now when we visit friends for a long weekend or similar I ask if its okay for me to run whilst there. It's great to do tourist running and also gives them a break!!! Funnily enough none of them ever say no!

AndyDGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Great... but i wouldn't take it personally!! :-) :-)

No doubt the time went much quicker too. Hope it went well.

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