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How to stop your legs hurting?


Hey guys. I’m on week 3 run3 but it was really difficult. Not because of my fitness......although that is challenged, but because it is hurting my legs when I run. My ankles, knees and shins. Is there anything I can do? I have running trainers and was running on the grass instead of a path as this was better. But yesterday I had to stop as It was so sore. Any advise would be great. Thanks

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I have the same problem - I have been advised to have my gait checked which I’m going to do today ... hope it helps because I’ve just discovered I love running but the pain is spoiling it for me 😌

Battleborn in reply to JacquiAM

Thanks I will check this out. I am exactly the same. I love running.....who knew!!😂 I hope you get it sorted. Let me know how you got on. X

JacquiAMGraduate in reply to Battleborn

I will do 😊

I would definitely get your shoes/gait checked. Do you do stretching exercises before and after? Also you could try some knee strengthening exercises?

Thanks I will try these. I have been stretching more afterwards but will try before too. ❤️


So just had my gait checked - I overpronate which can cause pain in the shins and knees ... recommended ‘stability’ shoes which I tried and they tested me again - definite improvement in the alignment of my feet! Proof will be later when I go for a run in my shiny new shoes!

GoGo_JoJoModerator in reply to JacquiAM

Fabulous. Don't forget a pic of your new shoes! We do love new running shoes 😁

Amazing what the right shoes can do for you👍

JacquiAMGraduate in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Lol! Not sure how to post a pic on here but will let you know how I get on later 😄

MKE1968 in reply to JacquiAM

Hi, I've had shin pain too and lovely people on here recommended the same to me. Can I ask please, where do you go for the test and does it cost much ? Thanks very much and good luck with your new shoes :-)

JacquiAMGraduate in reply to MKE1968

Had mine done at Runners Need, in Romford. cost nothing. Google gait analysis near me and you should get some suggestions 😊

MKE1968 in reply to JacquiAM

Ah thanks very much Jacqui !x

JacquiAMGraduate in reply to JacquiAM

So... run today with my new shoes... no shin splints, no knee pain! Why did I not get my gait checked before? Hope it continues 😊


Gait analysis and getting supportive trainers really helped me sort out tight calves and other niggles.

If you are not stretching, stretch!

I also had a sports massage on my calf ( before my gait analysis) and that was really helpful


If your running trainers were ones you chose yourself that might be the problem. There are running trainers and running trainers 😉 Get a gait analysis and go from there... I was shocked at having to pay £110 for proper running shoes after a gait analysis but they fit like a glove and I have had no leg pain since I bought them. They are worth every penny to run injury free x

Thanks everyone for your replies. I have just googled where to get this done ,they are closed on a Sunday😢 but I will make a point of going this week. Thanks for your help. 🏃‍♀️

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