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Short Legs v Long Legs


So I was wondering, being a shortie, if my little legs are running for 25 mins, will I be running a shorter distance and working harder than a really tall person with long legs and a huge stride? Because if they have long legs I could be doing 2 extra steps to their one long one?

The things I think about when I'm running :)

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Haha so funny I think that about my poor dog that has started this with me! She's a yorkie little like me 😀 pass on an answer on it tho....


I have long legs and I have a short stride! I'm not sure it makes much difference... I know a lot of shorter runners than me that are way way faster!!!!!


Lol this reflects a conversation we were having earlier regarding health apps etc that "count" your steps and came to the conclusion that they must work by measuring distance and then dividing by an average stride distance


Oh and at a recent medical because I reached a significant age I discovered that I have shrunk by 2.5 inches does this mean my stride is shorter so as I get older I'll have to work harder at running

RunstopJog in reply to rolysmate

Yip that's it universe fighting against us! Fight bak.. ..

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