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Today`s Run

Since I have graduated I have not really pushed the boat out as far as training is concerned. I suppose in one way it is because I have to admit I am running to keep fit rather than running just because I like running if you know what I mean.

Even so I still do the 3 days of at least 30 mins but no real strict schedule as far as increasing mileage or time. Sometimes I run the same speed other days I vary the speed or do 20 min running at my normal pace then 10 mins of interval training.

Anyway all of a sudden 2 weeks or so ago I stopped getting the normal ache in calves after a run which can last over into the rest day. Right or wrong I thought now is the time to start increasing training so I decided to do one long run (to me) on a Friday and get to 5k on a regular basis.

Last Friday 5k was easy I must admit because I tried the run/walk/run method and to be sure it does work. The only mistake I made was I thought as I was only running for 1:1/2 mins I could go faster than my normal pace because I had a minute of walking to get over it, big mistake. Anyway although 1:1/2 run to 1 min walk is excellent it was not for me so today I did it different.

I started with my walk up 5 min walk then gradually increased my speed till I was running slower not faster than my normal pace. If I wanted to walk I walked but no more than 1 minute and not at any set time. I run 20 mins before I decided to take a 1 minute walk and so on. I increased the speed just for 30 seconds then back down to the normal pace.

In other words I did not stick to a rigid routine and ended up doing 3.5 miles (-: I felt like I could just go on even further but took heed of the advice often given of not doing too much too soon. One thing was different today. I have never felt any sort of fatigue, pain or whatever in my thighs but today after I finished they were aching.

My plan now is to try 2 x 5k per week, Monday & Friday with perhaps a Wed as a short workout.

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Yep, you're definitely hooked. Worse than heroin this bloody running thing.


I run because I love running. I dont think I could run just to keep fit...I would soon lose motivation, so hats off to you.


Well done dindy. I think you have a very sensible ‘plan/no plan’ approach, learning what works for you as you go along. Like an arranged marriage, you have made the commitment and the love will follow as you develop your relationship with running 🏃‍♂️


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