Today's run was in honour of Grandparents

I belong to another running group and recently two of the members have lost their Grandmothers, so we as a group have dedicated our runs/races to ALL grandparents much loved, some still alive others passed away. Sadly I never knew any of mine but I am a Grandma of 3 wonderful children so I dedicated my run to all Grandparents and for myself and my return to running. So that meant I had to do a bit more than 5K which I only recently got back to achieving. So the mind was set to run slowly doing Galloway Method of intervals 60/30 (that's run 60 seconds walk briskly 30 seconds) This method I have decided is the best way to keep me out there injury free (I hope). Some would say that's cheating, I say its keeping me running after spending 1 year out due to injury.

I know there are many who suffer injuries and start to despair but be patient, listen to your body. If you keep getting injuries may be fast running is not for you, may be Galloway's Method would help you stay fit, be able to still get out there, and I know its a very enjoyable way of running as it means you can go further. :)

So here's my run

Happy running everyone :)


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  • What a lovely dedication to grandparents everywhere! and definately not cheating. You are out there OG and we all have to do what works for us and what we enjoy. Injuries and anything that stops us getting out there are the pits so longer and slower is good in my books. X :-)

  • Thank you for this lovely post,

    I will dedicate today's run which is week 2 run 3 not been this far in the c25k journey ever, anyway I'm dedicating today's run for my nan who passed away when I was 12, this way I can't skip out on the run today :)

    Thank you again I think I might do this because I eventually want to do a marathon :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Stick with it Siobhan you can do it! X :-)

  • Thank you, I went to the gym and completed week 2 and it didn't even feel that bad for the first time since I started it felt great to be running :) I can't wait for week 9 to come around and then I will carry on and complete a race for life in memory of my nan :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Good on you.

  • From one grandmother to another, I'd say that at our age we're allowed to cheat a bit!

  • So pleased to read you are back out on the streets!!

  • How AMAZING to see you back on here posting like a good 'un! And what a lovely sentiment too. Hear hear OldGirl. Congratulations on your (George) Galloway Method (Surely not him?....) run. SOunds ace.

    I am currently out of action with a horrible cold/virus/manflu and have been banished to the spare room because of my constant coughing all night keeping Mrs Dan awake and annoyed. The weather is so lovely for a run and I can't get out at the moment. Grrrr!! Drives me NUTS. But so glad you are back running - that is just great news.

  • You poor thing! Did you take Miss Wobble's advice and get yourself some pholcodeine? Non-addictive opiate, so it really does take the edge off a cough.

  • Swear by pholcodeine.

  • Hi Em! Yes, I bought some pholcodeine but couldn't get the sweets. Got a bottle of jollop instead and it hasn't made the slightest bit of difference! I'm swigging from it like Keith Richards used to do from a bottle of Jack Daniels!!

  • Thanks Dan, still no better, that's a shame. For night cough try - honey, lemon in hot water and if you're not driving early the next morning a good dash of rum or brandy :)

  • Lovely post OG and a great dedication- grandparents are very very special people. So pleased you're out there running and most definitely not cheating. xxx

  • Hello Oldgirl, just a note to say welcome back. And funny isn't it, I looked at your route and noticed where it is and that it's a small world...I live 500+ miles from there but I've stayed in the BW hotel round the corner a few times and run too in Aberdeen when I've been there. Anyway, glad to have you back!

  • Hi catchmeifyoucan, thanks for reply and yes Aberdeen is a nice place to live albeit rather a long way from most place!! I live 5 minutes walk from Hazelhead Park where our second park run is held. It's the area I have run in since I first started running nearly 5 years ago. C25K has a lot to answer for๐Ÿ˜ˆ The route I took yesterday was my training ground for 10K it's quite flat so a bonus. To make it 10K all I have to do is extend my run further down to the end of LangStracht then back along Kings gate and link back up to my last 1K, it's nice and simple, a bit like me I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Great idea to honour our grandparents.

    I love the run/walk method and use a 2:1 pattern on most of my runs. Still getting the heart pumping and covering the ground but without feeling totally wiped at the end. As another old girl, i absolutely agree it's a great way to keep moving and prevent injury. Makes it fun too!

  • I really fancy giving this 2: 1 a go .

    Forgive me for being a complete numpty , but its 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking ?

    How do you time it though so you know when to run and when to walk ? Do you set it up on your Runkeeper / Garmin ? xxx

  • Yes Pops. You can customise your workout on Runkeeper so that it calls out the intervals, so I set mine say for one minute 'slow' - walking and two minutes 'steady' - running. I then just set it to keep repeating that so I can run as much or as little as I want. If you set it to call out the kilometres you can keep a check on your distance and time.

    As you know Runkeeper works alongside your own music.

    Give it a try and play around with the intervals until you find one that suits you x

  • Thank you Ully , that is really helpful ! I'm going to give it a go xxx

  • I find it great - I am doing 2:30 run/1 min walk, and couldn't even think of how I would do the whole HM if not in this this way...

    I found a very simple app called SIT (simple interval timer)

    There are probably apps for android out there - any HIIT timer will do


  • Thankyou Pigivi, ooh loads to go at here ! I love this place :-) xxx

  • I downloaded an App called Seconds, it works just great and basic is Free. You set it to whatever times you want, I am using 60 seconds run/30 seconds brisk walk. With a 5 minute warm up/cool down. You then count how many intervals you need and set the repeats to that many. Yesterday I set a few more than I needed to complete 8K having decided that was what I would like to achieve. You hear a bleep which you can choose what type you want to notify you. It's simple it's free and it works and is adaptable to any time ratio. I started out doing 2/1 minutes but it didn't work well, the 1 minute walking was too long and knocked me out of my rhythm, 30'seconds is much better and Jeff Galloway has recently removed his recommendation of 2/1 from his program, but the choice is yours and you can play about with it as much as you like.

  • Thank you OG , that is very helpful xxx

  • Nice to see you back here Oldgirl! I never knew any of my grandparents either, but would have liked to, of course. I have great respect for the Galloway method, I remember one of our C25Kers on Facebook did a HM in a very good time indeed using run-walk. And my cousin Gallowayed a full marathon recently!

  • There is a C25K members group who have set up a Galloway Method on FB which is very informative. I first tried ratio 120/60 and found it very hard to keep to. I've just run 3 times ratio 60/30 and find it so much easier. The thing with intervals is its not cast in stone and I find if I've a slight down hill section I just keep on running and that reduces your time. I was amazed how fresh I felt after 8K today, could have kept on going but the loop route had taken me home ๐Ÿ˜„ happy running TT

  • Great thought OG.

    I am lucky to have vivid and lasting memories of all four of my grandparents (all long since departed) and am due to become a granddad myself in a little over 3 months from now.

  • I can highly recommend being a Grandparent Dunder, you can spoil them rotten then hand them back for the parents to sort out ;)

    I don't think parents have an easy job these days, it wasn't easy when my boys were growing up but I honestly think today is harder for mums and dads, there's so much peer pressure and drug issues for them to deal with.

    I hope all goes well and baby arrives safely and who knows perhaps your new member to the family will be so impressed by your running he/she will follow on and join you out there pounding the pavements. :)

  • I am sure you are right on the modern parenting thing OG albeit both of ours were raised overseas (Singapore) so I can't really compare for myself.

    Both my son and daughter-in-law are far more athletic than I am, so I will not be able to claim any credit on that front, I am afraid.

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