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W2r2 but after a week off

I had been feeling really tired for a week as my new job is busy and also it’s been a bit hot here in NZ (28degrees during the day) so I left it a whole week (very guiltily) between w2r1 and w2r2.

I was a bit worried I would have backslided and since it was hard last time I wasn’t sure how this time would go. But I actually found it easier.

I was on a treadmill as opposed to my usual outside runs, and I only went at 7.9 km/hr. Although sweaty when I finished I did feel like I could have done some more. So that was pretty encouraging. Looking forward to the next one in a couple of days - don’t want to leave it so long this time.

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Sometimes your body appreciates te extra rest time, and runs better for it.


That’s good to hear. Thanks

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