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W3 R1 - 3 min runs in the bag - who’s the daddy !!!

Just got back from our group W3 R1 run. I was a bit daunted since last week 2 run thinking 3 minute runs are a big step up but was really pleasantly surprised that it was not too bad at all. So it’s proving to me the programme is helping me build up stamina pretty quickly even though I haven’t run for 30 years plus. Again as per last time out I found I was recovering during the walking phases quite quickly so this is helping greatly in confidence and encouragement. Still a long way to go in the programme but I am pleasantly surprised to be making this amount of progress so soon. Hope this encourages others approaching week 3 with trepidation.

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I’m same week as you and also found it not too bad. Just taking it easy as don’t want any injuries !

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Well done, trust the program, you will be able to do it.

You are the Daddy!😊xx

Onwards and upwards...


Well done, very encouraging. I’m planning to start W3 R1 on Monday and before reading your post I was feeling a bit anxious but hey I feel encouraged now!


Yes be encouraged and stick at your own pace you can do it




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