Well this morning was the time to prove to myself I could do 20 minutes non stop. To say I was a little apprehensive would be an understatement but out I went.

I made it to 17 minutes and then the hill (poor planning on my part to have a hill at the end of the run!) got the better of me. Felt gutted!! Had to give myself a big talking to on the warm down walk 'so what if you didn't make the 20 mintues this time YOU did do 17 minutes...17 minutes!!!!! Thats 9 minutes longer than before!!!' So am now back at home and although didn't quite make it this time I am still smiling and slightly proud of myself. Will just have to try again on the next run.

On a completely separate note I got new trainers yesterday, professionally fitter, they feel so good!

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  • Nice work, its a pain when you get those unplanned for hills but if you can do 17 you know you can do 20 next time.

    I had one of those routes and had the brain wave of reversing it so the big hill was at the start and ........ downhill! Yay!

  • Liking your style Greg. Would have reversed the route but was running back to get my car after a few vinos last night!

  • dont beat yourself up too much. hold onto that "I ran 17 minutes" thought. I did this on the treadmill & when it came to the last minute & laura said slow it down if you need to, I hit the emergency stop button instead. I felt really cheated but once I had done it again there was no stopping me.

    good luck X

  • 17 minutes after a night on the vino sounds pretty impressive, sounds like a plan though.....run towards the pub :)

  • Going to give it another go tomorrow (can't wait till Tuesday which is my normal running day). Wish me luck

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