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W5R3 done!


I cannot believe i just ran 20 minutes without stopping. Me! An overweight 40 something who until this program, hadn't run since my late teens. It took me 2.5 hours this morning to talk myself into attempting this milestone run and I definitely didn't think I would do it but I did! I am buzzing, I even had a little victory dance around my kitchen when I got home haha. For any of you trying to find the bravery to attempt this run like I was this morning, just go for it. The program works, you ARE ready and you'll do it! Xxx

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That’s amazing! I’m still on week one, day one. Feels like Groundhog Day and I can’t see me getting to W2 let alone W5. That’s an amazing achievement! You have a right to be so so proud.

Jue1972Graduate in reply to LostRunner

I stayed on week one for 4 weeks! When I finally braved week 2, and realised it was do-able I promised myself I'd be brave and try the runs in sequence. And have managed them all so far. The program really does work so trust it, and go for it, you'll be fine, honestly :)


Hi Jue, well done! I did w5r3 yesterday, I know how you're 🏆😀

Jue1972Graduate in reply to Lallis

Well done to you, too! It's a real buzz isn't it? Could this be the runners high they speak of? Lol


Welcome to the forum and very well done. That run is a mental challenge for sure, and you just smashed that barrier down in style. Enjoy week 6... slow and steady!

Jue1972Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you! Yep it's definitely more a mental challenge, I had convinced myself I couldn't do it but talked myself into giving it a go and I'm so glad I did!


Brilliant! Well done - I’m a couple of runs behind you and worrying already about how I’m going to manage the full 20 🤞

Jue1972Graduate in reply to BGirl70

I was really worried too. I read loads of posts about going slow and steady, which I did and I got through. I'm sure you will, too!


Well done, I start week 5 today, not worried about r1 but not sure I'm up to a full 20 mins yet, time will tell!

Jue1972Graduate in reply to Running-nana

I honestly did not think I was ready, either. Turns out I worried for nothing. You'll do it! Let us know how you get on :)

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