W5R3 - Can't actually believe it!!

Well, the above title says it all. Planned to do R3 after a supermarket trip last night but by the time we got home it was nearer half past eight and my other half was doing tea and I didn't want to go out after. Anyway, planned to get up at 6.15 this morning and do it then. I had the most awful night's sleep, constantly thinking if I don't get to sleep soon then I won't be able to do the run and then getting frustrated for not being able to sleep - kinda got myself into a circle and basically I think I was so apprehensive about the whole thing and it played on my mind so much that I worried myself awake all night!!!! Anyway, didn't make the 6.15 alarm but was determined to do it as although the majority of me wants to give up there is always that little bit in your head that tells you not to quit. Made an excuse to go into work late, got my gear on and started. I covered the timer up but for the first five minutes of the run I was thinking "i'll just stop now - I can't do it, I can't run for 20 minutes, my knees are hurting, it's pointless anyway as the pace that I'm going is pathetic - no wonder I'm not loosing any weight, and on and on and on .............. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I did stick with it and my knees were ok and I did it but boy, was it hard going. As much as I didn't enjoy it I did have a huge sense of "yehhhhh, I slow jogged for 20 minutes!" I feel silly, yet again, as everybody on this lovely forum tells you that you can do it and its a case of mind over matter - I could do it, I just didn't realise that I could. Apologies for the long post x


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11 Replies

  • Hooraaayyy !!! See you can do it ! Well done for not giving up and not giving in to those gremlins.

  • Woohoo!! Well done! That's a biggie, you should be proud of yourself! Doesn't matter what pace you are going, u are still running! Well done u :-)

  • Ahh, well done you :)

    You definitely deserve to feel proud of yourself for overcoming those negative thoughts. That's the run I'm dreading at the moment - it just seems so unattainable from my lowly position of week 2! Posts like this make me feel just that little bit more confident that I can do it too!

    Congratulations on your progress so far, and enjoy week 6!

  • :D :D :D Well done! Seriously well done... I hope to be joining you Saturday x

  • Fantastic well done. I dreaded it as well and was shocked when I managed it. Getting your head around the whole running thing is so hard sometimes. Big congrats

  • Well done! This run was the hardest one I did. It really is mind over matter. Enjoy the rest of the program.

  • Marvellous achievement! Huge well done lovely!!!

  • Wonderful! Well done! :-)

  • Well done :) that's the run I'm hoping to start (and hopefully complete) on Friday! Been working myself up about it for a few days. Running for 5 minutes is hard, then 8 minutes later today currently 20 mins feels impossible!

    Seeing that you did it gives me hope, thank you


  • I know exactly where your mind is with the logic thinking but it is achievable - honestly, if I can do it (and I give up at everything!!) then you definitely can. Weird thing was, I started off thinking "I can't do this, why am I bothering, my knees are hurting, i'll stop in a minute ....." and then just kinda carried on going. I knew I could do 8 minutes and then all of a sudden I was on 10 minutes and my mind was thinking "oh blimey, I'm half way there now - i'll just carry on for a bit longer". Then I was on 15 minutes (I uncovered the timer on the treadmill at this point and promised myself that I wasn't going to keep staring at it). The treadmill time was saying 20 minutes (5 min walk and 15 mins run) so I thought I'm not going to look at it again until it is on 23 (which would have been 18 minutes) but I didn't actually look at it again until 24.30 by which time I only had thirty seconds left - would have been daft to walk away at that point!!

    I actually had a sleepness night worrying about it - we can do it, we just have to keep on going, and tell our inner minds to sod off!! Good luck for Friday, you'll sail through it and it will be done before you know it x

  • Woo hoo!! Congratulations - beating the mind gremlins is sooo much harder than beating the aching feet and calf muscles!! Onwards to week 6! Take it easy next week - it catches a lot of people out!!

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