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So last night I didn’t get any shin pain in my different trainers but my toes went abit numb 🤦🏼‍♀️ I managed to complete the session relatively pain and symptom free but my god I’m unfit! Straight into Cardio and stayed there the whole way which I’m not being told is not good....ever feel like you can’t win. I’m massively overweight but I’m able to do the session and mainotain my paces etc. Today I’m tired and although I don’t hurt I’m feeling very down about the whole thing. I’m dieting like a trooper and sticking to my regime and I’m proud of myself but getting mixed advice on what’s best for me. Walking is just so boring I’m enjoying the challenge of the run but am I doing my body harm?

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Re your toes- maybe tying your shoe laces a bit tight. There are loads of ways to lace your trainers- have a google.

Are you running too fast? Try and maintain a slow jog, you can get faster later. Exercise is harder when you are carrying extra weight but please don't be down- you are doing something about it and you will get fitter as the programme progresses. Keep positive and off the couch!


Check your shoes out... and socks too. You are only doing your body harm by not doing anything.... :)

But, keep it very steady and slow... forget about pace at this stage and just run the run... take it slower than a snail on a go slow... !

Is the diet right... a healthy eating regime beats a diet any day, and linked with C25K.. can work very well.

On your rest days, put in some strength and flex and some stamina exercises too..but keep it all gentle.


All the advice above and read this guide to the plan

It may help.

You are doing great, but probably going too fast.


I now enjoy telling others that I totally flunked week 1 back in August. I failed (sorry Oldfloss

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... I've got no idea why I can't continue to add to the message after tagging someone, but it happens all the time!) okay, maybe I didn't fall, but I didn't achieve my goal. I had 3 attempts at W1 R1 before I completed it all enough to do W1 R2. Every attempt was a stepping stone. I run 10K every Saturday now.

Do sort your niggles out first though. I stopped at the end of W5 due to knee pain. After sorting my shoes and running form out, I haven't had another problem since. I just take it slowly. 🐌☺️


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