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Week 5 run 1

Found this run this morning pretty tough if I'm honest just didn't feel as if legs warmed up could not wait for the last 5 mins section to end not sure if it's because it was lack of sleep ( only 5/6 hrs) as only time I had to do it today was early am or if it was because I chose a new route god knows but pushed through thankfully but won't lie not exactly looking forward to the next run as much as I was looking forward to this one

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Well done.

Lack of sleep can have a huge impact on performance.

Look forward to every run………..positivity

Warm up for longer before you start the app, relax and probably, go slower.

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Could well have been lack of sleep,new route or maybe it was the time of day but we can all have runs like that BUT you did it so well done

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Warm up longer. I am notoriously slow to warm up so I do a little routine in the house before hitting the street for a ten minute warm up. It takes me about 16 mins of running to get comfortable. Slow down too if you’re pushing. No need to push things


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