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W2 r2 complete - happy happy

Bit of a gale and rain but still managed to do it at my own pace though must admit I was very happy to hear Michael Johnson’s voice saying that’s it well done at the end. Slow but sure so am really pleased - almost into smug mode at the moment and made sure did a really thorough warm down and strecthes.

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Well done and wisely done (for the stretching and warming down)! I find running in stormy weather very hard: I had one of the toughest runs two weeks ago bracing against the wind. I wouldn't have been able to do in the early days of the programme. So you're doing extremely well at your own pace! Keep on running slow and steady and enjoy your next run!


Thanks for your reply much appreciated - I am noticing some improvements over week one with less leg aching which is encouraging as is hearing from others such as yourself who have pushed on through the programme - thanks again for your encouragement

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Well done! I definitely would wimp out and head to a gym faced with a gale. Keep smashing it 👍🏻


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