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Wk1 R3 Completed

Wk 1 R3, completed. Get in! Although the weather was gale force winds and rain I still went for I mad? quite possibly. Due to weather conditions my usual trail run had to be replaced with tarmac which is not my first choice. I started off and everything started to hurt and I thought 'oh no, what have I done' but then after a few mins things seemed to get easier (or whether the incline got slightly downhill lol). Need to keep stretching to avoid those beginner niggles and still wondering if I'm trying to go too fast but hey week 1 completed.

My stats so far

Wk1 R3, 1.84 miles, 16:30min/mi, Trail

Wk 1 R2, 1.76 miles, 17:01min/mi, Trail

Wk1 R1, 1.64 miles, 17:45min/mi, Tarmac

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Slow down! No need for speed. It’s just about finishing each session, nothing more! 🙂👍✔️

Running in strong wind is difficult and it can’t hurt to wait a day til it’s blown over

Keep enjoying your sessions, nice and steady! 🙂🏃‍♀️👍✔️

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Well Done C1air3.

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