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Not taking much of a rest day?

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I go to the gym nearly everyday and I’m usually on the cross trainer etc. I started C25K last Thursday and I have just done week 2 run 5, So 5 runs in 7 days. Really enjoying it, I am struggling though as I’m not much of a runner. I know it says to take a rest day but when I’m at the gym already I feel I may aswell do it and just continue with the program! Any thoughts? Does anyone think this is too much? Thanks

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Well done for starting!

However you really should follow the programme and take a rest day in between as otherwise you run the risk of injury.

Although you train everyday running uses different muscle groups so not taking a rest day invites injuries so for example, if you pulled a calf muscle or damaged your Achilles’ tendon how would that affect your training at the gym?

It would most certainly put you out of action for a few weeks. Please take the rest day and don’t take the chance😊

I run and on rest days I do non impact exercises and I don’t do legs, the running does that at the moment. I hope this helps😊

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Thanks so much for the info! I hadn’t really thought of it that way, I’ll mix up my routine a bit :) the last thing I want is to injure myself and halt any progress I’ve been making! Thanks!!

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I’m no expert but I’m happy to help anytime😉

Definitely take a day between runs and most trainers will suggest one rest day from all exercising one day a week.

Are you actually doing C25K? Not being sarcastic - just curious because the NHS version is 9 weeks of 3 runs per week and so W2 Run 5, doesn’t sound quite right..

The rest days are critical for repairing muscle and the general advice is that for streak running i.e. consecutive days you should be an experienced runner with more than a year’s experience under your belt.

If you’re a gym bunny and dong loads of cardio, then maybe you could try doing some of the later runs, but it would be difficult to advise because only you really know how fit you are and what you mean by not being much of a runner.

Cross training doing entirely different exercises on the rest days are the way to go. It would be awful if you pulled something and had to stop all exercise. And certainly one day without doing any exercise is a very good thing...

Good luck - it sounds as tough you’ve got the bit between your teeth.

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Thanks for your reply! That was just a typo, I meant it was the 5th run that I did, week 2 run 2 🙈😂 I have mainly focused on weights for the past few years, I wouldn’t consider myself fit in terms of cardio. I wouldn’t get out of breath quite quickly when running. I had a knee injury when I was younger and I never got back into the swing of things so I decided to starts the C25K to give running a go again! I’ll definitely take your advice and give my legs a rest during runs! Thanks 😊

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