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A bit of advice please!

Hi all,

I started week 1 which I completed no problem at all. Week 2 run 1 was completed without any issue, then I got some weird bug which made me sleep through run 2 and 3. I am going back to it tomorrow but where should I start? Shall I just begin week 2 again? I did a 3 mile walk with the dog this morning and feel absolutely fine.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Elsie :-) xxx

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i would just go in at W2R2 and see how you feel, especially as you say you completed the first run of that week comfortably prior to illness. As always, listen to your body. It is absolutely fine to repeat runs and even weeks until you feel you are ready to move on. What isn't advised is to skip runs and rest days, as this way injury lies!!!

It really is a great programme, and highly addictive I warn you! I find myself planning life around my runs now and can get quite tetchy if I can't get out on one! Good luck😀


Thanks Sandra, that's what I thought! Haha I know what you mean about planning your life around it. I'm doing that already!! Lol!

Thanks again! E xxx

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Hi Elsie - start at Week 2 run 1. Mentally it will make you feel that you've conquered WEEK 1 and should put you in good shape to re start week 2. Hope this helps and well done for doing this program. It works and is fantastic!!


Thanks for that! Yes I will do that! I did a massive walk today just to prepare for tomorrow! I'm loving it and I never thought that that would come out of my mouth!!! Haha! E xxx

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Yes, week 2! Good luck, don't forget to let us know how it goes xx


Hello lovelies!

I did week 2 run 1 again and I smashed it! I was really happy to get back to it having missed 2 runs. So onward and upward, next one on Thursday!!!!

Thanks again for all your advice! :-)

E xxx


Yay! Good for you! Enjoy your Thursday run xxx


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