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Yahoo! Day 11 5K

Today was my Run day on my 5K every day for January. I walked the 5K for the last two days as my calf was sore. That was a good decision. I managed to run the full 5K this evening. First full 5K run in over 2 months. It was not fast but I am thrilled, did it in 35:51.5 , I’ll take that. Good to be able to run 5K again.

Happy running everyone.


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Seems like a reasonable time to me :)

Great achievement! Over a third in :)


Cheers. Yes that’s right 1/3 in. It’s been a good challenge so far. The Christmas belly is starting to disappear.😀


Well done, great commitment and fabulous pace too 👍


Well done damien, thats a good time for a 5k and its great that you are only running every other day at most too.

Take it easy, and listen to your body, that is a big ask. Don't risk injury.xxx


Thanks Jan. yes I’m being careful not to over do it. I’m going to do a Parkrun tomorrow and walk the 5K on Sunday and Monday.


Nice work Damien! 5k down. Onwards and upwards!


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