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Thanks for keeping me motivated


I started C25K last week. I’ve never enjoyed running before and, if I’m honest, was never really interested in it. But my husband suggested we start running in turns (we have 4 kids) of a night time and I needed something to get me fitter and healthier. My sister suggested the C25K app - and I’m so glad she did! It’s both rewarding and exhausting - and the running hasn’t been as awful as I thought. Better still, I’ve been reading all your posts about your struggles and achievements and it always leaves me feeling like I might actually be able to run for 30 mins straight and that running 5K might actually be possible for me. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks and please keep posting!

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Hey Badrunner - isn’t it amazing how running quickly becomes (gasp!) quite enjoyable? I never thought I’d look forward to putting one foot in front of the other any faster than necessary to move from A to B.

Hope you have a good week 2 and beyond!

Hephz x

Badrunner in reply to Hephz89

Thanks, it’s definitely been a surprise


Very well done you.. it is so hard to get everything sorted to run, especially with a family!

Just follow the plan... slow and steady.. do not beat yourself up if things go a bit pear shaped and basically enjoy the journey !

Its so rewarding and you will be running for 30 minutes...because it works😊

Good luck to you and hubby...onwards and upwards 😊x


Amazingly, crazily, it is not only possible but certain. Just -- don't quit, and you'll do it. It's well within your capabilities, I'm sure. I mean if you can handle 4 kids you are well on your way to being superwoman, right :-) -- and I know my kids have seen the benefit in a calmer, saner mum. We're right here with you.

Basically -- our bodies are amazing and we are built to run. We just need to give ourselves the chance.

Badrunner in reply to ejvcruns

Thank you. What beautiful words of encouragement


Just follow the's all perfectly doable, even the bits which seem daunting aren't when you try them. Make sure you let us know you're you get on.

Badrunner in reply to MickGJ

I will do. Thanks!


Huge well done to you both for finding a way to run ( rings?!) around your family.

Running has been a revelation to me (after decades of thinking I wouldn't be able to do it) with so many benefits. Go gently and enjoy it. 😄

Badrunner in reply to Elfe5


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