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How do you keep the motivation going?

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I’ve been doing C25k since May and am still trying to get through week 5. I’m slow and I’ve had periods off due to various reasons and I’m tackling it at my own pace, but I’m slowly losing motivation to keep going. Does anyone have any tips to keep things fun rather than a chore?

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Please keep going! I’ve just done the 1st run of week 5.

Going slow is fine. I don’t Run, I jog. Sometimes it’s fast then others. It doesn’t matter as long as I moving. I’m not natural runner.

Just keep going. Giving up won’t help anyone. It’s the easy way out.

You started this app with good intentions. So just keep going.

It will be worth it in the end. X

This may sound like I’m 3 years old - but when I complete a run, I put a sticker on my calendar. It’s like looking at a savings book building up.

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to ItstheMarchHare

That’s such a cool idea ! Love it !

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Herbal-TGraduate in reply to ItstheMarchHare

Love it! - I don’t have stickers but I found a smiley stamp that I bought years ago to try to motivate my son to learn his tables, and I love the little post run ceremony of putting a smiley in my diary!

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Aofa in reply to ItstheMarchHare

This does sound like a lovely idea! I have a daily notebook I keep as part of my cb therapy so I put all my planned jogs in there - adding a smiley face next to them would be fun! Thank you! X

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Keep a log.. plan your routes and plan your runs days.. set your gear out the night before.. everything ready to go. try and get into a pattern.

I still do this and I still get a lovely excited feeling before each run...

If you can get a good consistent spate of running now.. try to carry on. Taking things at our own pace is paramount...but it can get tiring and wearing.

Get through this week and move straight on... steady and slow and keep posting too :)

Run regularly...........three times a week is the optimum

Slow down to an easy conversational pace...........this will be more enjoyable and enable you to appreciate your environment, so try to run somewhere beautiful, rather than just trudging the streets.

You are trying to build a habit, so that running becomes part of your life, like cleaning your teeth. If you only run sporadically you are unlikely to create that habit.

Write a list of all the reasons why you want to run and every time you feel like delaying a run, read the list..............the physical and mental health benefits only come by continuing, not by intentions only.

I started in April, and like you, have had a long lead in to it, mainly due to travelling. I actually ticked over on week 4 for several weeks in between trips, only managing 1 early morning run on one day while I was away recently. Since beginning of this month I've run each week and just about to start week 7.

I think if you are having trouble running regularly then ticking over ( ie just doing the same-ish run each time), is the way to go.

However, having said all of that, it sounds like you head may not be in the right place for doing this. Are you enjoying it at all? Maybe take a look at the reasons you started in the first place, are they the same reasons you want to do it now? Then take a look at the reasons you are not getting out there, are they excuses or are they absolutely unavoidable 'chores'. Could you get up earlier, run in your lunchbreak, run in a town with street lights, fit in a gym session on the treadmill.

For me the running is its own motivation, I love it, especially when the weather is being so perfect for it here ( cold bright days).

How about committing to finishing the program before Christmas, and if you still don't enjoy it, find a different sport that you do like. Hope you find your mojo soon.

Come back and tell us how you get on.

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For me the question is, "Why did I start doing this in the first place? Have I achieved what I started to do?"

I was and still am way too overweight, but since I started the whole exercise routine and changed my eating, I have seen results that I never have seen before.

Posting here and on Facebook about each run and getting the praise and encouragement from others, be they friends or strangers gives me such a lovely feeling.

I now look forward to going out each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I love the idea of stars or smiley face stickers. I don't have anything like that except on Facebook when friends 👍❤️or😮 my posts.

Hope you get your mojo back. We are all here for you.

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Its funny how, when you exercise, your approach to food and what you eat changes completely; somehow when you view food as fuel its easier to stick to the good stuff ( plus get away with the odd treat, ha ha). Good luck with it all.

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