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Walk off shame !!!!! 😮


Merry Xmas my lovelies I hope you’ve all had a good one 😃

Well I don’t really no where to start . I’ve not run for 3 weeks and I only had one week left on my CT5K left but with work any my birthday and everything else I’ve losted my way I feel awful 🙁.

I’ve packed all my gym stuff to start back at it tmw I’m thinking off starting back at week 4 Run as it’s sort off in the middle off where I. Left off I’m going to go this and graduate 👩‍🎓 end jan 2018

Wish me luck xx

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Hi Marv, good to hear from you.

You absolutely can do this. Your plan to get going sounds good. Listen to your body & go with what it says. If you need a gentle start that's fine.

I am getting going again after an injury- 5 runs on and I am not yet back up to where I was, but so happy to be running again.

Good luck- although I don't think you will need it! 😃


Hey Marv2312,

I have recently had to take a month long break and was on W7R3 when I had to stop, I was thinking along the same lines as you and rolling the program back to Week 5, but instead decided to give it a go and try the 25min run... which I managed to complete.

The advice I was given on here was at least try it and see how you go, if you need to take a break and split the time into two or three sessions then so be it.

I am back on track on week 8 now and have had a “practice “ run along the way, but glad I tried and didn’t waste time by going backwards.

Let us know how you get on.


You are back with us... that is all there is to it.. you can do this:)

Marv2312 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Oldfloss it’s good to be back on here posting agian and running again 😀x

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Marv2312

We are glad you are here:)


Reads to me like you are committed to this. I bet you stop feeling awful and start felling great when you start again. Good Luck!


Nice to see you back. You can do this!

Lots of luck!😘


Good luck, I stopped due to hurting my shoulder started back again, feels tough but I just have in my head why it is that I want to do it x


Yeah, just pick up where you left off, you lose nothing by doing so. (Let's face it you are not talking nicely enough to yourself already - it almost sounds like you are saying you have to go to the bottom of the class and work your way up again)

It *is* a tough time of year to shoehorn the running in for most of us and it must be so frustrating to have a gap so close to graduating. But don't overthink it... you've put in a shedload of work to get to this point.

I agree with what's already been said, start where you left off, you may be surprised how quickly you get back. You've not got far to graduate & I'm sure you'll do it! Good luck & happy running :D

Hi I'm in same boat was so wanting to finish for Xmas work then a family bombshell put paid to that unfortunately so I've had 2 weeks with no run - Advice people where should I start from I'd done W8R3 not sure how far to slip back I'd at all ?? Help

helenwheelsGraduate in reply to Cadley

Pick up where you left off, you should be fine after just a couple of weeks. Your body retains fitness much more than you expect

Thats the beauty of this Marv..it becomes something you Can Do.. when you want to..because you are ABLE to🏃

Enjoy your runs..there are no run police on here and we will all be cheering you on to the finishing/starting line😊xx

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