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No practice this time..!! W8 R1

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After my dreadful practice run on Saturday decided to give it a couple of days to get my head together and give it another go.

Headed out today in the bright but chilly Derbyshire countryside, a pleasant change from my home run in Kent, decided to run a flatter section rather than attempt the hilly forest, as I am sure it was the never ending hill that forced my run to be a practice last time.

Took it nice and steady, enjoyed the chill of the air and sunshine as I ran through unfamiliar Territory... think it helps having the change of scenery, something to take ones mind of the time, which I am sure slows once you start running !!

Felt comfortable and really enjoyed myself.. not going to break any speed records, but the one thing I have learned is that it’s not about speed and that slow and steady wins every time!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas Day and is enjoying Boxing Day.

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Well done 👍🏃‍♂️🎄

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Go you... well done... Hope the snow forecast in Derbyshire, does not slow you down :)

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swisstony4Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Won’t slow me down as I’m off home to Kent tomorrow.. 😁

Just hope it stays up here and stays away from Kent, don’t fancy running in snow

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to swisstony4

Safe journey!

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Well done. Sounds like a great run 🙌🏻

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That's great- sounds a lovely run. 😀

Well done! It was lovely running weather in Kent yesterday morning too. Like much of the country, we have rain/snow/sleet/wind today. Let's hope it brightens up before our next runs are scheduled!

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swisstony4Graduate in reply to Langley-Loper

Thanks Langley... just got back and it’s not particularly pleasant weather but running tomorrow so will layer up and I’m sure I will enjoy being back on familiar ground. 😁

Well done that's brilliant Tony😊..and your slow and steady is a very respectable pace imho😄...

Onwards and upwards.x

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swisstony4Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Jan 😁

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Slow and steady is key, I remember Oldfloss saying that and as much as we'd like to go faster and further, slower us the way to go. You did well Tony, I'd be chuffed with your stats 😊

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swisstony4Graduate in reply to quirkybee

Thanks Quirky, the stats look okay.. but it does feel like plodding when I am out but I guess it is all relative... the main point is I’m getting it done and it seems that running is actually helping with my back problem.. as it only starts playing up when I have been sat down too long.. like I need an excuse to go out running !! 😁

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