W8 R1 on grass: horrible, W8 R2 on the road: great!

I made it through the first 28 minute run this week, but had really bad calf pain afterwards. After a lot of googling, I had convinced myself I'd damaged my achilles tendon, and was worried I'd have to stop C25K until I'd got it checked out as it's one thing you're not supposed to keep running with. I was gutted, just 5 runs away from graduation.

After a bit more research I realised it was probably just a minor problem with one of my calf muscles, so rested it for a couple of days and used ibuprofen gel in case there was any inflammation.

I reckon I did the damage because there had been a lot of rain before my run, and conditions were pretty slippery, so I probably lost control on landing a few times. So far I've been doing my running round the edge of the field next to our house as I'm a bit self-conscious as a new runner. The edges of the field are mainly pretty solid, but a few patches were soft and muddy on Monday.

So today I plucked up courage and went running on the roads round our village, and was amazed at how much easier it was! Much more grip and control on landing, and without putting any more effort in I was going faster: I did 5.14km today including the warm up and cool down walks, compared to 4.50km on Monday.

Nearly there now, just 4 more runs to go!


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  • You are nearly there. As Laura says "You're doing great!". I think I prefer to run on road most of the time (particularly early morning) because I don't have to worry as much on where I place my feet and the risk of slipping is reduced. However, my offroad routes do seem to on fairly knarly trails with lots of tree routes to trip over and the odd bramble bush to fall in... Running on road is supposed to be harder on the knees, however - or so I've been told.

    If you prefer road at the moment just stick with it. Be careful and take it easy, particularly if your twinges return. I'm sure that, when the weather is nicer, you may want to wander off on the trails again. Remember that variety is the spice of life.

  • Thanks Adam. I'd love to get back onto the field: it's got a great view of dartmoor, and seems a lot more natural that running on tarmac. I just need it to dry out - which in these parts probably means waiting until July!

  • Wow superb run well done. Take care on changing surface though as it can stress your tendons (as I know know to my cost). Good luck take it steady and you'll graduate in no time

  • GF did you regularly switch between trail and road? or have you been doing a lot of road running and then made the switch to trail?

  • No MW I did C25K on the treadmill then switched to trails then hard core asics and road running for the London Winter Run which is where my PTT came in.

  • Thanks GF. Tendons on top of my left foot a bit sore, but adjusting the lacing seems to have fixed that

  • That's good Philip. Amazing how little changes can make a huge difference

  • Certainly no need to feel self conscious with that pace! Well done. You're almost there!

  • Thanks!

    I managed W8 R3 at the same pace too. I was really puffing and panting in the last couple of minutes though, but checking runkeeper afterwards, my heart rate was slightly lower this time compared to W8 R2, so I must be improving....

  • Nice one, Philip. It's worrying how uneven ground can affect your running & create injuries. Makes me wonder how trail runners in cope. Enjoy, keep on running!

  • Thanks. It does seem a bit counter-intuitive, that hard tarmac is easier to run on than soft grass. But a guess a good comparison is that an uneven muddy field is likely to be harder to drive fast on than a smooth road.

  • 4 more runs - wow. Could you believe that a few weeks ago - well done. Fingers crossed for your graduation next month.

  • Thanks Buffy

    Now just the three 30 minute runs to go... "just"!

    No, just after Christmas, feeling a bit bloated and unfit there's no way I would have believed it.

    Now it's just "I've already done 28 minutes and that hasn't killed me, another 2 minutes can't be that more difficult".

    Now I'm on the lookout for something to keep up the momentum. There's a running club in the next town that look like a friendly bunch

  • Parkruns?

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