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Beyond happy graduate!


Final run today..outside in beautiful countryside with a bleak midwinter sun struggling to peek out behind the clouds. Small wonder I felt a tear or two run down my cheek (Maybe it was the cold)!! This year saw me reach a significant birthday and donate a kidney to my husband. Those two things didn't affect me half as much as getting to the end of this 9 week challenge just as everyone predicted I could. Sorry Laura, but I felt brave enough to do this one on my own with some of my favourite music playing along and Runkeeper marking the miles (well, kilometres but that didn't scan so well:)

All the thanks in the world to everyone on here for their encouragement, advice and all round words of wisdom. Keep at it can be done!

Wishing you all a happy healthy New Year!

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What a beautiful post, and what a wonderful person to donate a kidney to your husband - that really is true love xxx

ImeviesgrannyGraduate in reply to FlickM3

Thank you FlickM3. He is a wonderful person and I was so glad I could help. He's so well now I'm trying to persuade him to become a running buddy!

Well done you. Don't forget your badge.

Keep running and enjoying it.

ImeviesgrannyGraduate in reply to Neverrunbefore64

Thanks..Neverrunbefore.. lining my son up for some moral support on my first ParkRun😃

Congratulations on your graduation. You are a runner. And an inspiration to all. Merry Christmas x

ImeviesgrannyGraduate in reply to RoRoMama

Thanks and a Merry Christmas to you too🎄

Oh Congratulations on your Graduation run Evies granny😊🎉🎉🎉🎉

What a year you have had... and your husband, and what a lovely thing to do for him. Love that your biggest challenge was c25k😉...

You are a Star🌟Well done and happy running Graduate😊xx

ImeviesgrannyGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner


It absolutely was challenging!!😃. It required serious self motivation, stern chats to ‘chattering monkeys’ getting over thinking everyone is watching me making a pratt of myself, red-cheeked embarassment people I know stop their cars in our country lane and say ‘I didnt know YOU’VE taken up running’ Oh! I could go on. So it wasn’t just the physical challenge, I conquered a few others besides! Happy running!


Fantastic. Inspirational. I am sure you will have a wonderful Christmas.

ImeviesgrannyGraduate in reply to Pm3eak

Thanks Pm3eak and the same to you!🎄

Fantastic achievement , you should be so proud 👏👏

Thank you Chairmanoftheboard!


Massive congratulations Graduate.. a well earned result!

ImeviesgrannyGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss! It’s been said many times before but I couldnt have done it without you. Merry Christmas x

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Imeviesgranny



Wonderful! Enjoy a lot more great postgraduate running!

ImeviesgrannyGraduate in reply to Anthie

Thanks !Already two offers of running buddies after a FB post! Hope they can slow down to my pace😃


Don't worry ;-) On my run on Sunday, I met a good friend of mine who had just finished his run and as I had 5 mns to go (I'm going for 35 mns as I haven't been able to fit 3 runs in the week), he ran with me. He's been a runner and a very fit cyclist for ages but had to stop running for a couple of years because of a heel injury. So now, he's becoming an adept of slow running and he's running slower than me (the difference being that he can go much faster if he wants while I can't go much faster lol). You will initiate your buddies to the benefits of slow running!

ImeviesgrannyGraduate in reply to Anthie

That’s a relief 😅

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