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To Infididie and beyond!! Roll call & Nearly a Graduate

Hello fellow runners, this is my very first blog, although I have been lurking in the wings since Mid March.

I have once more run of Week 9 to do before I graduate and I have amazed not only myself but my husband and two daughters with my achievements.

I have to admit I don't like running but I love a challenge. I have 2 previous 10k's and a 5k already under my belt, none of which I trained for!! The first 10k I started off with the Liverpool Harriers, in the front, no less, well I wasn't with them for long before they disappeared into the distance. I can tell you.though that now I can run for 33.24 minutes, which is what I did this morning. My husband has been encouraging me on the 'long' runs by running with me, but today I was alone and I did it. I felt so proud I nearly cried.

I have loved reading all your blogs, they have kept me so inspired and encouraged, even when I felt like not going out, now if I have not run for 3 days I feel anxious and have to go for a run. Like Buzz Lightyear it's now to 'infinity and beyond' or infididie as my eldest used to say.

But now, the roll call, I would like to thank Andystev, Alibi, Alaiyo, GregM, who has the most delightful sense of humour, makes me laugh so much, BTX4, minuette, Carole C, burstcouch and so many more for all the support you gave me by reading your blogs, even though you did not know it. Many many thanks to you all, without you I could not have done it, oh thanks to my husband too, couldn't have done it without you and Alfie dog either.

Best wishes to all who go there, C25K is fantastic.

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Aw shucks. :) Glad we could be of help.


Yeah wot Andy said!



You have done amazingly, well done.

Keep enjoying :-D



One more run until you get a shiny badge! As Greg said you've done fab to get this far. Good luck for your graduation run, not that you need it! :)


Thank you so much for your lovely comments.


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