Happy, happy,happy !!!!

Hi all, I feel so happy after doing wk2r2 this morning !!! The first of the runs (well slow jog !) was really hard and I didn't think I would make it, but each run felt a little easier and when it came to the last one I actually felt I could have gone on a little longer :-D and at the end of the pod cast, for the first time I didn't feel like I was going to die !!! Lol, so I'm just so pleased with myself because I really didn't think I would be able to do this as I am 37 and a size 22, but it seems I can !!!!!! oh btw anyone know where I can get some run gear from that will fit me ??


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  • Well done you! I can see you are getting addicted to running like the rest of us. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks pelephant, I hope so :-)

  • You don't need fancy running gear but it helps to be comfortable. I wear cotton leggings from Sainsbury's and usually a long sleeved cotton t shirt (now with graduate t shirt over, which looks terrible on me to be honest but I'm proud anyway!) I do often wear control knickers to running although mainly those work by me putting them on first thing and I can't wait to do my run and get them off afterwards - nice to have the flab not wobble but as the day wears on I don't care to be so aware of them round my waist.

    The key thing is likely to be a high/extra high impact sports bra that fits and that you can get into and still have enough energy to run afterwards!

  • Thanks googleme, im just not sure where to get stuff from cause all the sports wear ive seen are only size 10,12,14 etc but nothing past an 18, as for a bra, yeah could do with one but again where do I get one from ??

  • Well Done on completing your run. I've done my W2R2 this morning, I'd agree that the first run was hard but I found the last but one run tough too. Saying that, the last run was easy and I felt I could run longer :-)

  • Well done - 5 runs done already, how fab is that!! :D

    Have you had a look at some of the stores online for running gear? Obviously you don't need anything fancy but some of the sports shops may have something for you? Alternatively places like Matalan, Evans & BHS might be an option where you can look online first. I would've thought even places like Tesco should have a limited range. Hopefully you'll get sorted, there's nothing better than new clothes to keep you motivated!

  • Thanks doggymum, I hadn't thought about it like that, having done 5 runs !! So thanks for that, it has made me even happier !! Will have a look in some of those shops, think I've been going wrong cause looking in sports shops only !

  • Isn't it great when you have a good run and feel you could keep going.. I'm just into week 3 and loving it. The sainsburys I use has some fairly decent quality running gear and has all sizes. It also does sports bra's, they are probably not quite the "shock absorber" quality but again they do do all sizes.. Hope this helps and best wishes for your next run :-)

  • Thanks jlow, well done to you for getting to week 3, will try sainsburys as hadn't thought about supermarkets, been looking in sports shops, so need to try other places :-)

  • Well done Gwencole, you must be very proud! For clothes in a larger size try M&S too in their sportswear section online, they all seem to go up to size 22. For sports bras of all sizes Boobydoo are great - ultra quick delivery and great customer service and advice too!


  • Thanks for the info sbg356, will have a look at m&s :-)

  • I've just done the Wk2R2 too - working away this week so running round Heathrow perimeter fence & breathing in those jet fumes probably wasn't ideal - but I did it and I have never gone out running when "away" before (surprising how a "schedule" makes you stick to it!!). The end of the 4th run was a killer & I almost stopped near the end of the last run - but gritted my teeth & did it! Keep it going - you're doing great.

  • Well done to you spud !! I think it most be even harder to do it when away from home !! We can do this !!! Keep up the good work ;-)

  • Fantastic! Well done! You can do this!!!! No fancy running gear is needed in my opinion other than decent socks/shoes and something to keep you from bouncing on top. :-) I started this summer just wearing jean shorts and a tank top. My very first investment was a sports bra! I'm small on top, but it helped tremendously! I wonder, if you have a problem finding a sports bra if you could wear a very snug, lightweight tank or camisole type top under a lighter weight shirt? Good luck to you!!!

  • Thanks gdeann, really just looking for a bra and a weather proof jacket now that the weather is going down hill !! Going to try some of the places that have been suggested :-)

  • Hi Gwencole. So good to hear from you! I have been wondering how you were doing. Well done on run 2! yeah, felt the same. Week3 run 1 over, and it's good-you will enjoy it. I running, sorry jogging, run 2 tomorrow. Stick to the system and do what Laura says-pace yourself and you'll do just fine.

    As for the clothes-try Sports Direct.com-have a look online at all the sports shops, then go out with a few in mind, or you'll go bananas traipsing from one to the other. I bought my running shoes in there and there were quite a few people around your size buying, so maybe they will be able to sort you out? Good luck and keep in touch :-)

  • Oh I forgot, get yourself some "comfort" bras-not specific for sports, but so comfy!

  • Hi pearsey, glad to hear you are enjoying wk3 !! I got last run of wk2 tomorrow and feel okay about it !! Will start wk3 on Monday and I am a little worried about it, just like I was starting wk2. Well done and good luck with the rest of wk3. Will let you know how mine goes :-)

  • Oh good-well done! You will enjoy tomorrows run because you are now familiar with it. Good luck for Monday :-). I'm having a tooth out tomorrow under GA, so hope i will have recovered for Monday's run 3 of week 3. Doing run 2 in the morning-op in the afternoon, which is really quite convenient, as I would have had the weekend off anyway. I think when a new week starts it is fear of the unknown, but Laura doesn't set you anything you can't handle, and if it is too much go back a week-it really doesn't matter. What matters is that you are out there doing something, so have fun and, yes, please let me know how you find it-you're in for a pleasant surprise I think :-).

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