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Hi from a lapsed graduate

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Hi everyone,

There are lots of new names here since I last posted - and a few of my old friends as well. To give some background, I started C25K almost exactly a year ago and graduated last November. I had a fairly sporadic winter in terms of running -2 bouts of illness and all the ice that kept me indoors most of the time for about 3 months. Then I started again in the spring and managed some Parkruns and the 5x50 challenge. However, we moved house in June (to a place from which everywhere is downhill) and I also discovered that my long-standing health issue doesn't respond well to hot weather!

However, I have felt for a while that I was missing running and needed to get moving again. So - with kids going back to school today I decided to get back out there.

First decision was what level to start at after such a long time out? Well - when I was ill earlier in the year and took 2-3 weeks at a time off I was able to start back on Stepping Stone and see how I went. I felt that this would be a bit ambitious this time, so I went for week 5 run 1 of the C25K program. I was fortunate that the walking spells matched up nicely with the uphill parts of my route! I'm pleased to report that I managed it pretty well - I ran all I was supposed to and didn't struggle as much as I probably did the first time around (still ended up beetroot coloured though). I'll try week 5 run 2 next time - Thursday if possible.

However, I'm already a bit nervous about the prospect of week 5 run 3 and the dreaded 20 minutes. I know that "if you can do the preceding runs you'll be fine", having been up to 5K earlier in the year but somehow that run 3 has a special power!

I don't log in here very much now as the new site doesn't support the browser on my normal computer (which is IE9 so not exactly ancient - maybe it's the Vista the site doesn't like). However, now I'm back in my running shoes I'll try and visit more often.

Have a great rest of week everyone :-)


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It's great to hear that the running bug prevails over illness, moving and all the rest of life. As a recent graduate myself, I can see how the motivation might lapse without new targets, but I am sure you'll get back in the swing of it soon. Having graduated, you are at least aware what degree of mental challenge is involved in the W5R3 and know the "Slow and steady" mantra.

I wish you all the best in getting back up to speed.

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Hey Ann good to hear you are getting back into your running after everything :) You will be fine for the "lovely" W5R3 and then you will be doing your 5ks again no problem!

Sue x

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Really great to see you Ann ! I feel so odd when I log in and see so few of "us lot" on here now. Lots of lovely new people, but there's something special about each cohort, so to speak. I'm sure your post is going to get us all out of the woodwork - I see Sue's posted, Old Girl is always here, as are Beads and Rollertoaster. Swan and Phil (who is going to run an entire marathon soon) are sometimes around, as is Mitts and Anniemurph and Theresa. Malcy hasn't been seen for a while although I do see him on Garmin. Anyway, welcome back and good luck! (And apologies to those in the cohort who got no mention!)

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Welcome back! I find this site glitchy with my android phone too, so not around as much. Good luck with your 20 min run, I'm easing back in too after injury and finding it hard but I'm sure we'll both get there - beetroot faces and all! :-)

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DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to notbad

Hi there notbad! I agree with the glitchiness too :-)

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Hey, nice to see you here again, Ann! You'll be fine for your 20 minutes - as she hasn't said it yet, could I just repeat Greenlegs' 'slow and steady' - you know it works! Have a great time and let us know how you get on :)

I'm still lurking in the background but don't blog or pop on as often. Glad to see you get back out there and don't beat yourself up in run 3 is a struggle at least you're running :-)

Hi Ann, nice to see you here :) It's great you're trying to get back into running, I'm sure you'll be back into it quicker than you think. Let us know how you go with the dreaded w5r3!

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